Parenting a Tween - Setting a High Bar

Lately life with S has been an ongoing series of challenges to our rules. Barely able to keep her eyes open at night, she cries, "I'm not sleepy!" when we tell her to go to bed. Why? Because her friends have a later bedtime. We can explain to her that they don't have her busy schedule, they don't swim 6 hours a week, a bedtime means nothing if she is tired NOW. But, right now, it feels like our words are falling on deaf ears. But sometimes, oh sometimes, there's a glimmer of hope....more

Random Thoughts on Life with My Husband

I've been married to Mark for over 20 years and some things about him still crack me up! Like his fascination with large birds. I remember when we were dating and we would be on one of our many road trips from school in Atlanta to my parents in Mississippi or his parents in Ohio, he would practically run off the road when he saw a hawk. Big birds don't catch my attention and back then my only thought was, “Dude, can you please pay attention to the road!” Actually, that's still my reaction, but at least now I glance at the bird....more

It's MLK Day and I'm Angry

Yesterday I sat in a youth meeting with a group of adolescents whose lives are privileged because of the struggles that Martin Luther King and so many unknown heroes and sheroes fought to overcome.  They can attend any school they want.  Eat at any restaurant.  Live in any neighborhood.  Play on any sports team.  BE anything they want to be as long as they are willing to work hard and not give up.  The problem?  They don’t want to work period.  Forget about working hard!...more

Your Membership Has Expired!

We recently got an email from a childcare agency we have used for years to find afterschool care for the kids. When I got the first notice the membership was expiring, for the first time in years, I ignored it. Why? Because after many ups and downs, we finally have stable childcare. When we became parents I wish someone had told me that one of the hardest parts of being a working parent would be finding quality childcare. When the kids were young we had someone watch them full-time while I was at work....more

Thank you for a very well written article that is too true. We cannot sustain cutting all the ...more

Don’t Fart and Leave the Room!

One day last week, I was having a pretty decent morning until I opened my email to get the work day started.  Let me back up and give the parent perspective.  Now I had been up and down all night with my son, C, who has asthma.  I thought I would need to keep him home from school but he rallied and decided he wanted to go to school in the morning.  My boy!  Mommy can get some work done.  I had cancelled my first morning meeting because I thought C was going to be with me....more

Parenting a ‘Tween – Teaching Self-Respect

His hand was in her pants.  Just at the waistband, but enough to be inappropriate.  Then he lifted her shirt just above the waist.  I just cringed.  Then the grinding started.  I’m not talking about a scene in a club.  I’m talking about the bar area of a family restaurant.  Kid – MY kids – with a front row seat.  She may have been dressed out of a J....more

Diplomacy, Threats and Weapons of Mass Destruction: Parenting a Tween

Where is Hillary Clinton when you need her?!  Right now I need a really good negotiator who can also draw a firm line in the sand.  I need her so I don’t go nuclear on my tween!   ...more

It’s a Mommy Guilt WEEK!

Okay, it’s my kids’ spring break and I’m working around the clock.  I have a major work product due in a couple of weeks and it HAS to get done!  I would love to be hanging out on the beach or at pool side, ev...more