Skinny Does Not Mean Healthy

I think a lot about my motivation lately.  What is driving me to lose this weight?  Why am I so concerned about reaching 140-150 pounds?Is it because that stupid BMI measurement tells me that I’m not in a healthy weight range?  Is it the health factor?  Is it because I just NEED to be skinny?  Am I really that shallow?  I need answers!!!...more

I Have a Terrible Condition

No I'm not sick.  Or hurt.  Or dying any time soon.  But the truth is that my new baby has eaten my brain cells.  Like a little baby zombie but less literal.I have momnesia....more

Jessica Simpson Has Made a New Fan

I've never really been a fan of Jessica Simpson.  Sure, I've seen her on her old reality show back in the day when she was married to Nick Lachey.  Remember that?  They were kind of cute...  Was that really almost ten years ago??  Since then, though, I haven't really paid too much attention to her...until recently....more