Young, Dumb and the Wrong One Won

Last night saw the final of teen reality series "Young, Dumb & Living off Mum" which has been shown as part of BBC 3's Adult season. ...more

Recipe: Weetabix Cookies

When I was a child my mother and I made Weetabix cookies from a recipe we found on the back of the cereal box. They were easy to make and tasted delicious but we could only make them the once as the recipe was thrown away when we moved house. So with a love of cooking, sweet foods and my new kitchen I set about trawling the internet looking for the recipe for the cookies I'd loved and lost. It took me a couple of hours but I found it and made them. They were just as yummy as I remember.I would hate to be depriving the world of a delicious dessert so I will pass the recipe on. ...more