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**Note to Readers: This is a script written for a Cabaret Night performance at my old High School. See if you can find all the Princess Bride Refrences.**...more

My Sweet Angel

The sun rays shine in on your head, makes your hair glitter like dewdrops on the lawn;your face peaceful and beautiful as always before.So sweet kind and gentle an old soul trapped in a body so new;to someone like you, I would now always be true.I am only human, I've made many mistakesI never meant for it to go that far--your heart wasn't made to break.My gentle angel, my sweet lullabye,I will hold you close and dry your tears when you cry.I will be your protector, my fragile angel dear;I will chase away all the confusion and the fear....more

Tell Me, Tiger

Warm eyes stare deep into my soulpast all the walls and the shadows.When you hold me tightly in your armsI feel safe, like nothing can harm me.Your touch is gentle, sweet and sure;showing me that you're there.Your lips meet mine with shameless abandon,and my heart takes flight and soars.Now tell me, dear Tiger, what I must doto express my feelings aloud.Tell me, dear Tiger, what does she havethat I cannot give you as well?Our bodies entwined--no regret, no remorse,surely must show that it's true;...more

Respect for the Queers

I don't understand it. Why so many people think it's so wrong to be in love with the person who holds your heart. Sure, the bible may say so, but the bible says a lot of other things too. Those who get divorces shall be stoned to death, those who have sex before marriage should be stoned to death, and that's just two of the most common violations of the word of the bible in this day and age, I'm sure the list goes on and on much further and deeper....more
I think that people have too much time on their hands and choose to spend it bullying people to ...more