How to Dye Marbled Easter Eggs with Kids on a Fun New Kid's Show

 Abyni helps Bean the monkey learn how to dye Easter eggs with a marble texture and then they add glitter!  This is an awesome Easter egg project that your kids will enjoy doing along with Bean.  All you need is water, oil and food coloring.  We had a bit of a chore getting the eggs to stay down with the small mouthed jars we used, because we’re slightly challenged dishes-wise around here. ...more

Kids Learn about Rhymes w/ Singing Time with Bean!

Abyni getting a hug from Bean...more

For Kids: How to Draw an Easy Cartoon Monkey with Bean's Monkey Business

Since Paris was the one who created today's episode clip, I thought I'd have her blog about it:Blog Post by Paris AlwaysSee? I can be silly, too:)...more

The Letter of the Week is *N* Free Printable Handwriting Pages & Coloring Activity Pages

The Letter for Today is  *N*Noise, Noodles, Napkin and NO!...more