Back to School Brain Dump

Well, last week happened. Faculty meetings for me started on Monday. School for the girls (4 year old preschool for Zuzers, Toddler House for Coco) started on Wednesday.You may notice there is a problematic two-day gap between Monday and Wednesday in regard to child supervision, especially as David's school started a week earlier ....more

Failed It | Nailed It

In my final week of SAHM-hood, I was ready to go all out. My version of all out: Fun, enriching, educational activities! Baking and cooking meals from scratch! ...more


We've been watching a little bit of the Olympics around here. There are too many commercials to hold the girls' interest for long, but I've been trying to catch or record some of the women's gymnastics to show them.As someone who never really got into team sports, I've always liked watching gymnastics the best. It's not just the unbelievable athleticism packed into these tiny women who defy gravity, but also the showmanship ....more

Baby has a Birthday!

Yesterday, Coco-Puff turned two.Her face here pretty much says it all: So of course I had to do a little photo trip down memory lane--the past twelve months of Coco. On her birthday, last year: August 7, 2015 September 2015- She was barely walking! October 2015 - Sturdy and happy at a family wedding November 2015 (I loved those sweet moccasins!) December 2015 - That sweet little pink nose! ...more


I went to a fundraiser last weekend at my friend Beth's house. First I went over there on Friday to help set up. We were hanging out, making signs, putting together raffle baskets, drinking wine, eating Chinese food......more

Conversations with Zuzu

Scene: I'm giving the kids some instructions--probably asking them to be peaceful and not leap off the couches. Zuzu:...more

Office Makeover

This year my university is taking away the faculty lunch privileges we've had since I was hired--no more free lunches in the dining hall! (It was a huge perk, even though the food wasn't always great, to NEVER have to pack or think about lunch!) Our lunches have been reduced to two per week, which is a huge bummer. I'm bracing myself for lunch-packing three days a week, and it means that I will need a mini-fridge in my office, and a microwave.There's actually a fridge and a microwave in a lounge near my office, but they are disgusting and I can't even ....more

Summer Daze

I wanted to take a minute to write about what a "typical" day looks like this summer. We've had our moments, but I'm already starting to view this summer with dewy-eyed nostalgia when I think about the school year starting. So here's just a quick record of how we've been spending our time...The girls demand breakfast upon waking ....more

Free Consultant

I got a text from my friend Carol last week."We are going to paint Noah's room this weekend. What color?"At first I thought this was maybe a little weird. Why would she text me to ask me what color to paint her son's room?Then I realized.. ....more

Pain in the A$$

I threw out my back on Wednesday.I'd taken the girls to Lowes, where I bought spray paint for my new office chair and got a bunch of paint swatches for the half bath and as we were getting ready to leave the store, I needed Coco to get back in the stroller. The parking lot was fairly busy and since Zuzu was being an Authentic Mermaid at that point (meaning she couldn't walk due to having a mermaid tail instead of feet), I'd put the girls in the double stroller. Of course, Coco didn't want to get back in and decided to fight me, so as we created a small scene near the check outs, I bent over the stroller to buckle her in, lifting her slightly to adjust her in the seat as she flailed around, and suddenly I felt a pop and hot pain rushing through my low back.It hurt so much it took my breath away ....more