Rainy Stay at Home Day

Thanks for all the thoughts about a land line. I'll keep you posted on what we decide after we do more investigating over spring break. It sounds like so many issues (911 locating capabilities, soft dial capabilities, connection during storms) are specific to particular locations, so we need to figure out how things work here in St ....more

Land Line

Like many people living in the twenty-first century, we dropped our land line. We had one for a while when we were in our old house, but as we started relying more and more on our cell phones, eventually it got to the point where the only people who called the land line were solicitors and David's grandma. For some reason, it was kind of hard for me to let it go, but David convinced me that it was silly to spend money every month on something we didn't use ....more

Nothing to Report Here

I feel like I have gotten lost in the minutiae of day to day life.David was out of town over the weekend and my parents came up to help but left Saturday after lunch. A friend of mine came over Saturday afternoon and (perhaps sensing my desperation?) ended up sticking around to help me with the bathtime routine before bed.I kept thinking that having multiple kids would not be so challenging if they were always (maybe even sometimes)...more

St. Patty's Day News

Happy St. Patty's Day! I had planned to do some fun things for the holiday--a fruit rainbow for breakfast, some chocolate gold coins left by a leprechaun for a treat after school--but as things turned out, I was barely functioning this morning.I have been knocked OUT by strep, you guys.It started with noticing that my throat was sore when I was getting ready for bed Thursday night ....more


Because this sort of thing fascinates me, here's a side-by-side look at me, Zuzu, and Coco, all at six months of age (try not to let the psychedelic wallpaper of my nursery make you dizzy): Zuzu is the baldest! And the drooliest, bless her heart. She didn't get a tooth until she was 10 1/2 months old, but she drooled like crazy until that tooth finally pooped through ....more

Conversations with Zuzu, Part VI

Scene: Zuzu walks into the living room holding a box of Mickey Mouse bandaids.Me: How did you... (It dawns on me that she climbed from her stool up onto the sink and opened the medicine cabinet to retrieve these bandaids.) Oh, Zuzu. You are something else.Zuzu: Yes ....more

Frozen Weekend

We decided at the last minute to buy two tickets to go see Disney On Ice Presents Frozen. We'd actually been talking about it for months--we thought about getting Zuzu tickets for Christmas. But we never pulled the trigger (the prices seemed really high to me) and there was the question of whether we would get a sitter for Coco so we could both go or whether one of us would stay home and instead of figuring it out, we just didn't do anything.But then one of David's co-workers mentioned she might have extra tickets, and then my friend K saw the show and said Zuzu would love it, and then Zuzu started performing "Let It Go" with such emotional authenticity that it really seemed like we had to buy tickets.Sunday morning David snagged two tickets and we decided that I would go and take Zuzu while he stayed home with the baby ....more

Our Routines

Can we talk about routines for a minute? I know it's the everyday details that I won't be able to recall even a few months from now, so I want to make a little record of what we're doing these days.Our work day week days are actually running pretty smoothly (as long as I get up on time!), but it's because we're doing the super boring and responsible thing of getting things organized and laid out the night before.(I don't like doing this. I would rather be watching television and checking Instagram and reading blogs and texting people and eating popcorn and RELAXING...more

Reading Around

Just wanted to share some links...I want to hang out with the writer of this article (and I maybe should go ahead and re-name my blog by plagiarizing the title of her essay): "My Baby Died and I Can't Shut Up About It."My friend Jamie sent me this article yesterday. I'd already read it, but it was worth a second read. It's great, and a great one to pass along to people who just don't get it: "Getting Grief Right."A while back, I read Meghan O'Rourke's book The Long Good-bye ....more

Project [Bitchin'] Kitchen

Over Valentine's weekend, in addition to having family photos taken, treating Coco's ear infection, and dealing with Zuzu's stomach virus, we decided to update the kitchen by raising our cabinets and adding a backsplash and a shelf. Because we like to take on just a little bit more than we can handle. It's what we do ....more