Gingerbread Houses

Frosting Before I ever got pregnant, I had a vague list in my head of Fun Holiday Things we would do when we had kids. I imagined taking (well-behaved) little girls wearing patent-leather mary janes to see The Nutcracker. I pictured us lighting advent candles and decorating the tree with Christmas music playing.So much of my desire/ability to make the most of the Christmas season died with Eliza ....more

The Elk* on the Shelf

She's here! Her name is Elsa. She makes Zuzu slightly nervous ....more

Who's in Charge Here?

When we met with Zuzu's teachers to talk about her biting issue, we talked a lot about how independent she is and how she wants to be in control of the situation all the time. (In translation, she's kind of a handful.) They recommended giving her choices, which is also what they do at school. We do this almost all the time anyway--pancakes or bagel for breakfast? ...more

Black Friday

I had zero interest in getting out and doing Black Friday shopping. One year David and I stood in line at Best Buy and I got a great deal on a laptop, but we haven't done it since. I don't like crowds or getting up early, so it doesn't appeal to me ....more


It was a weird Thanksgiving. We changed our plans to be with David's grandma (a month ago, she and her boyfriend were going to come to our house for t-day). We are staying in a condo with my parents and visiting D's gma's house, so we do get to see everybody ....more

Story Telling and Immortality

David's grandma has always been a great storyteller (I wrote about some of her stories here). So last weekend, when my friend Kristin e-mailed me about Storycorps' Thanksgiving story project...more

Talking to Grief

I'm sitting on the couch in the back room of my house. I've just done a bit of online Christmas shopping. Coco is asleep in her crib ....more

Let's Call This a Case of the Mondays

How are you doing this fine Monday morning?How am I doing? Well, since you asked, here's how I am doing.(1) I got to work today without my purse (which is usually tucked inside my school bag). I have no license, no faculty ID, no money, no credit card ....more

A Day in the Life

I decided to try to document my Saturday by taking a photo every hour... I didn't quite get it exactly, but came pretty close. Here's what Saturday looks like at our house (when David isn't home).7:11am ....more

Update on Grandma Peppa

I have sad news.As you may remember from this blog post, David's grandma has been battling lymphoma. She was originally diagnosed about three years ago, went through chemo, was declared cancer-free, and everything seemed fine. She's always been very healthy and active--yardwork, housework, volunteer work.This 30-second video of Zuzu laughing with Grandma Peppa is from the June of 2013 (before we painted the kitchen!) Grandma Peppa had completed her chemo treatments, but she and Zuzu were both bald at the time ....more