West Virginia / Pittsburgh Recap Part I: In Which We Are Mostly In theCar

Sometimes vacations are restful and relaxing. And sometimes “vacations” are a code word for spending hours in a minivan with my kids and my parents, driving from St. Louis to Cincinnati to Canaan Valley West Virginia to Pittsburgh to Cleveland and back to St ....more

NYT and homeward bound

So much to write about on this twelve day... Well, I'd use the word "vacation," but that implies a level of rest and relaxation that we did not reach on this trip! Anyway, I'll have blog posts for days about the wedding and everything else, but for now I just wanted to share a link to the New York Times's recent collection of short essays about stillbirth ....more

Talking About Loss with Zuzu

I filled out an information form for Zuzu's preschool. The first question was "Identify all members of your household. List the ages of your child's siblings."I took a deep breath ....more

Conversations with Zuzu

These are more like One-Liners from Zuzu, but they made us laugh. Scene: In the kitchen, talking about her upcoming birthday.Zuzu: My name is Caroline Duckworth and my birthday's name is June 29th!***Scene: Coco's nursery, she's just woken up from her nap. Zuzu ran in ahead of me.Coco: (babbling) Ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma.Zuzu: Mama! ...more

Sleep Right Now

I was telling a friend a couple months ago about how we transitioned Coco from our bedroom in the rock n' play sleeper to her room in the crib. And now? I can't really remember how we did that....more

Zuzu's Third Birthday

Zuzu's third birthday celebration was kind of spread out over a week. It started on Saturday while we were visiting David's grandma at the lake. She had make a little birthday cake for Zuzu ....more

Some Other Things Going On

Still pondering the Buy No More Compact... As I mentioned, I think I'd really need some ground rules. At the very least I'm going to seek used FIRST, but like Sarah said--buying kids clothes is such a pleasure for me! ...more

Thinking About Buying Nothing New

Okay. I'm not committing to this 100% yet. But I sure am chewing on it ....more

Going Back to Work After Loss

I got an email last week from a mama who lost her baby on Mother's Day this year--a 40 week, healthy pregnancy that suddenly ended with a stillborn baby boy.She was seven weeks out from her loss, still completely wrecked with grief, and getting ready to go back to work.Many of us find ourselves in this same position--having spent the weeks that should have been maternity leave coping with the unbearable agony of not holding our baby in our arms, we finally have to maneuver our way back into a weak imitation of our former selves, at least sufficiently enough to make it through a day of work.As I wrote her back, I thought about my own return to work, and the methods I used to cope. I decided to consult a few other people to see what advice they would offer, and I put together this list of suggestions for those of you who are heartbroken and going back to work. Obviously, every workplace is different, and specific advice would vary hugely depending on what kind of work you do, but I've tried to be general here so that you can hopefully find something that would help you, no matter what kind of job you have.* Ask for what you need.In a perfect world, everyone would have a boss and coworkers who were compassionate, intuitive, and understanding ....more

And Then She Was Three.

You'll never know, Dear, how much I love you ....more