Project Madonna Arms

I recently read that really busy people make time to work out by getting up super early every day--like 5:00am.Ick.My answer to the time crunch that doesn't allow for exercising has been not exercising. (Now you know my time management secrets.)But a few weeks ago, a friend of mine who is a professor in the sciences sent out an e-mail asking for volunteers to help her exercise science class by signing up for personal training sessions with one of her students.And for some inexplicable reason, I replied and said I'd do it.So now I have an undergraduate personal trainer, and I have to commit to exercising on campus with my trainer 150 minutes a week.This is a recipe for total embarrassment.But I'm totally cheating and doing it during some of my office hours because I'm on campus anyway and that is when my trainer is available.Today was our fitness assessment. My trainer (a dude I'll call Chad) has to type up my results and send them to me, but he totally knows how old I am, how much I weigh, and how many push ups I can do, which is generally information I deliberately do not share with my students ....more

Weekend of Wild Things

After my sad despair on Friday afternoon, the weekend was a pretty good one. I didn't watch the news. I did a lot of socializing ....more

When All the News is Bad

This morning I listened to news reports about the shooting at the community college in Oregon and then I looked online at photos of Syrian refugee children sleeping out of doors.And I'm basically ready to give up on humanity.I think about the students in Oregon and I see my students. I look at those terrified kids sleeping out of doors and I see my kids.And what really sucks is that the problems seem so huge and overwhelming and impossible that instead of feeling spurred to action, I feel tired and scared and sick to my stomach and I just want to go home and hold my babies and never leave my house.Not exactly the way I planned to start my weekend ....more

Look Alikes?

David's grandma has been visiting us for a few days, and she keeps remarking on how much Zuzu reminds her of David's mom when she was little. Do you agree? I see definite similarities! ...more

Some Things (Will) Never Change

I wrote this post two years ago.I could pretty much have written this part of it today:We went to a BBQ at a friend's house over the weekend. ...more

Cultural Messages and Chocolate-Chip Cookies

I made chocolate-chip cookies last week. I baked a double batch so I could take some of them to a Pedal the Cure fundraiser that Beth and Curt were hosting, and would have some to take to my friends who just had a new baby, and would have some left over for our house.Since I was baking them for other people, I didn't enlist Zuzu's help, but later in the day, she asked me if she could have a cookie.She was so excited when I gave her the cookie. She held it in her hand and said, "This is so yummy, Mommy!" She held it up for David and my parents to see: "Mm-mm! ...more

Recap of the Week in Which David Attended Baseball Games and I Did Everything Else

Crafty Cousin Amanda texted me today to ask what was going on because the blog was silent.The answer is NOTHING is going on, but also, of course everything. I seriously have not seen my husband to have more than a five minute conversation since Sunday.So, here's a quick recap of my week for CCAmanda and anyone else who cares.Monday, I left work early, knowing I'd be there all day the next day, and the girls and I spent some time outside and went for a stroller ride. David's dad came in town and David took him to the Cardinals game, so I was on my own for dinner, clean up, bathtime, bedtime.Tuesday, I was at work from 8:30am until 10:30pm ....more

Many, Many Thoughts on Working Out of the House

David's grandma and I were in the living room with the girls, and Zuzu was taking care of some baby dolls. Baby Maria got a bottle of mama-milk. Baby Dawn was tired and needed to take a nap ....more

Weeknight Walk

The other night, Zuzu and I took Cooper on a walk around the neighborhood after dinner.It had been a typical evening--not bad, not great--in terms of feeling the just-got-home crunch. I pull in the drive way after working all day and driving 30 minutes to pickup the girls, and then I unload the girls and all our stuff out of the car, and instead of getting to just crash on the couch and re-calibrate for a moment, or pour myself a glass of wine and grab a cookie, I immediately feel pulled in many directions at once because everyone NEEDS something from me.Cooper needs to be fed. Coco needs to nurse ....more

Weekend Update

Weekend Update reminds me of Saturday Night Live, which reminds me of middle school, which reminds me of the time that one of my classes did a video recording of a newscast from 1915. My friend E and I were the news anchors and we had to wear period-appropriate clothing and hair styles. Some of our classmates were news reporters in the field and one of the guys didn't have a shirt and somehow this resulted in him borrowing my friend E's shirt, leaving her cowering in only her bra and a pair of black pants in a bathroom stall in the sixth grade hallway ....more