Last Sunday Jonathan had to take something to his Dad's house after church and when they got there everyone was sitting down to eat so the kids went to the cousin's table and Jonathan sat down with all of the adults. In the middle of the meal the adults were talking but a few of them overheard a conversation going on at the kids' table as well. One of the oldest says, "Well, I'm in second ...more

cell phone contracts

When I turned 16 my parents gave me a car and a contract to go along with it. The contract had to be signed before I could drive it and I had to agree to do things like drive responsibly, always wear my seat belt, never drive after drinking alcohol, take my sister necessary places, help pick up my grandparents laundry once a week, etc. I think it was pretty effective in stressing the importance ...more

happy friday! my current thoughts on distance running

There are 42 days until my marathon. I'm honestly at the point where I'm really tired of running. I had an awesome race last weekend at the Salem Lake 30k Trail Run and I still have 4 pretty big long runs left if you count race day ....more

things i love

I Like the Way You Work It T-shirt ----- The Summit Church Lip Sync Battle This is my pastor, y'all! ----- My Ivory Kate Wire Wrap Headbands I look like Rosie the Riveter when I wear them but I still adore them. Great way to jazz up an outfit ....more

by the numbers + recent giveaway winner announced

Agh! edit: I wrote this Friday but it didn't publish 36 days until we get a break from school (and even then it's just a workday) 7 days until the Dixie Classic Fair begins 122 miles run in September so far...more

A.D. 30

Ted Dekker has been one of my favorite authors for well over a decade. I first discovered him when I randomly picked up Thr3e at a bookstore at the beach. ...more

i'm going with spoiled (plus the giveaway winner announced)

Congratulations to Beth for winning the 10 Things for Teen Girls giveaway! ...more

up to

Wishing We haven't been anywhere since July 4th so a nice beach trip would be wonderful right about now. This is my favorite time of the year to go to the beach but our condo is rented up until the end of September. I hope we can squeeze in a trip in October ....more

teen things + giveaway

As a middle school teacher, I am all too familiar with the struggles teen girls face everyday. Ladies, do you remember what it was like to want to wear a top that your Mama took one look at and declared, "Absolutely not!" ...more

glasses schmasses

Jonathan and I both had LASIC eye surgery to correct our vision about ten years ago. We found our old glasses last weekend and we put them on in our bathroom and were laughing at ourselves hysterically. Julianna heard the commotion and came in the room ....more