dear pap

Dear Pap (or should we call you, Jake?), We had such a fun day with you yesterday! Thank you for spending the day with us and for coming up with the idea to go to Luray Caverns. It was very cool and spooky ....more


This kids were looking through a Where's Waldo book the other day in the car and from the backseat I heard, "Jules, that one looks like he's got to use the bathroom!" ----- Outside Josh was carrying around the mini basketball goal and trying to place it wherever he wanted it and Julianna sarcastically told him, "Wow, Josh! You're strong!" He answered, "Yeah and did you know I can carry two ...more

it takes a village

Jonathan was going out of town with his dad for the weekend so we made plans ahead of time for the kids to go to Mamaw's to spend the night Friday night. This was so I could get up before the sun Saturday morning for marathon training and nor have to wake them up to take them somewhere. Wait ....more

that was the best Panera sandwich I've ever had

Today I am sitting in an airplane seat but not going anywhere. No, I'm not stuck on a runway waiting for other planes to takeoff and no, I'm not waiting for the weather to clear. It's a pretty interesting story, really ....more

apps i'm loving

source DuoLingo I was using this app earlier this school year to brush up on my Spanish a bit and then when Julianna went to Spanish camp this summer she was motivated enough afterward to download the app herself. I love it because it helps you learn the simple words with such a wide variety of activities that it doesn't get boring. Julianna loves it because she's challenged by the different ...more

blueberry baked oatmeal [from Mom Body Revolution]

I posted a pic of this scrumptious deliciousness on Instagram (@aisforbeautiful) this morning and several people asked for the recipe. It's just easier to post here so if you're interested, you can make it. ...more


I was complaining about other drivers one day in the car and Josh just told me, "Stop worrying about other people's probability, Mom. Let them go to jail!" ----- A different day all of us were in the car and Julianna had a headache so Jonathan and I suggested to Josh that we talk quietly so not to disturb her. He simply said, "OK dad I won't talk at all." ...more

by the numbers

283 minutes until my husband gets off work 606 miles run so far in 2014 31 miles run so far in July 1 bee sting that Julianna got this week 7 Oreos I ate for breakfast 11.5 months age of baby Jane (Shush! Of course, I can still call her Baby Jane!) 126 days until my redemption marathon 2 cups of coffee required to wake up this morning 200 approximate number of tomatoes on the vines in our ...more

links I love

Pottermore: JK Rowling writes new Harry Potter story featuring 'greying' 33-year-old wizard ----- Why So Many Kids Can't Sit Still in School Today ----- Gone Girl Official Trailer ----- Mipso performs "When I'm Gone" ----- How cool is this? This is my church, y'all!...more

good news, bad news

Bad news is that our vacation is over and tomorrow Jonathan returns to work and life returns to normal. On the other hand, I got to take a lovely nap today. Good news: I'm writing this while I sit on my deck and drink Martha Stewart's recipe for sangria but the bad news is that I have to get up at 4:30 in the morning tomorrow to make it to summer speed series on time ....more