by the numbers

16 days until I go back to work 106 days until my next marathon 6.5 miles run today 100 miles run this month 180 dollars spent at the vet this month 10 days for the dealership to get the part and fix the recall on my car 588 miles run this year 1007.5 (half of 2015) miles pledged to run with my running partner 27 books read this year (goal of 40) 6 books read this month 2 cups of coffee I've had ...more


"Mom, remember at Wings at the beach how they had all those little glasses with people's names on them?" "Yeah." "Well, how did they know who's name to put on there?" ----- "There's all these bubbles under water. It's like you're swimming through jello!" ----- "Mom, why does the day go by so fast when you're at the beach? Why does it go by so slow when I'm at school?" ----- ...more

links I love

More Harry Potter films on the way? Perhaps this is old but it's still exciting news to me. ----- Harry Potter and the Cursed Child ----- Giant water slide coming to Downtown Winston-Salem? ...more


I handed Josh a tank top to wear on one of the scorching days we've had lately and he said,...more

then and now

Then Now ...more

recipes i love

Summer just screams good food to me. Maybe it's because I'm off work and have the extra time and can put more thought into getting dinner on the table in more than twenty minutes. Also, all of the fresh fruits and veggies are delightful ....more

ziplining in north carolina

One of the things Julianna wanted to do for her birthday was go ziplining or to a ropes course. It was still a little cold around her birthday at the end of March so over Memorial Day weekend we went ziplining. ...more

how to make the most awesome afternoon snack

Get a plate and put some tortilla chips on it. It should be Tostitos Brand tortilla chips but of course that's just my preference.... Then shred some cheese ....more


"Dad, what happens to the clouds at night?" ----- "Dad, there are plants in this Biology book! Hahahaha isn't that funny?!" "Jules, that's because Biology is the study of living things." "It is?" "Yep, it is." "Ohhhhhhhhh" ----- Jonathan on the results of our recent Bath and Body Works shopping trip: "It smells like a pina colada in here." ----- The kids were having a conversation ...more

links i love

My name would be Mackenzie if I was born today. What would yours be? "Courtney" was the 68th most popular girl's name in 1978 ....more