i'm going with spoiled (plus the giveaway winner announced)

Congratulations to Beth for winning the 10 Things for Teen Girls giveaway! ...more

up to

Wishing We haven't been anywhere since July 4th so a nice beach trip would be wonderful right about now. This is my favorite time of the year to go to the beach but our condo is rented up until the end of September. I hope we can squeeze in a trip in October ....more

teen things + giveaway

As a middle school teacher, I am all too familiar with the struggles teen girls face everyday. Ladies, do you remember what it was like to want to wear a top that your Mama took one look at and declared, "Absolutely not!" ...more

glasses schmasses

Jonathan and I both had LASIC eye surgery to correct our vision about ten years ago. We found our old glasses last weekend and we put them on in our bathroom and were laughing at ourselves hysterically. Julianna heard the commotion and came in the room ....more

goals update

This year I resolved to: drink less coffee run a marathon read 40 books spend less money on crap I already have wear my hair in a ponytail less finally get rid of the Appletini mix that's been in my fridge since something like 2007 lose 15 more pounds (unfortunately, I think this one holds a permanent spot on my resolution list) So let's see how I'm doing on each of these, m'kay? ...more

goodbye, august

August, by the numbers: 1 book read 4 books started 5.5 pounds lost 94 degrees forecast for tomorrow 2 races on the calendar 121.3 miles run 1 pint of blood donated 3 cars test-driven 5 days of school completed 6 billion sighs over sleeping babies ...more

happy for Friday

I've had such a crazy week. ...more

then and now

First Day of School 2011: First Day of School 2012: First Day of School 2013: First Day of School 2014: ...more

Summit at the Ballpark

Throughout the years our church has grown to five services, four in Kernersville and one in Oak Ridge. It's gotten so large that it's impossible to see everyone at church on Sunday. As the service times have changed and a new location evolved, people that we used to see regularly because of this activity or that volunteer role or whatever now potentially go to a different service and we just ...more

dear pap

Dear Pap (or should we call you, Jake?), We had such a fun day with you yesterday! Thank you for spending the day with us and for coming up with the idea to go to Luray Caverns. It was very cool and spooky ....more