"Dad, what happens to the clouds at night?" ----- "Dad, there are plants in this Biology book! Hahahaha isn't that funny?!" "Jules, that's because Biology is the study of living things." "It is?" "Yep, it is." "Ohhhhhhhhh" ----- Jonathan on the results of our recent Bath and Body Works shopping trip: "It smells like a pina colada in here." ----- The kids were having a conversation ...more

links i love

My name would be Mackenzie if I was born today. What would yours be? "Courtney" was the 68th most popular girl's name in 1978 ....more

reasons you should never marry a runner

My husband is a saint. When I started this running gig 3.5 years ago I never imagined that it would stick. I never imagined that I would run countless half marathons, 25k's, 30k's, and a few marathons ....more

dealing with depression and anxiety [part 3]

Alternate title: meme overload This is the third and final part in a series of posts I've written on depression and anxiety. Part 1 from last week is here and Part 2 was published earlier in the week and can be found here. I'd love to have your input either in the comments or via email ....more

my review of Blue Apron meals

I'd heard so many good things about Blue Apron that I decided I needed to try it. I got a coupon code for the Family Plan and ordered 2 meals for 4 people which brought the standard price of $69.92 to $49.94 I received Spiced Pork Chops with Cheesy Mashed Potatoes and Garlic Spinach for the first meal and the second meal they sent me was ...more

dealing with depression and anxiety [part 2]

Continued from a post I wrote last week... I've long since known that the best way to manage my depression and anxiety is through exercise. When I exercise I get enough sleep ....more

dealing with depression and anxiety [part 1]

A whole week goes by. I don't run. I feel bored, stressed, little energy, no motivation ....more

Family Force Five {FF5} review + giveaway

I was not paid for this post, however Family Christian did send me a copy of Time Stands Still to listen to and review. Plus they are giving away an appreciation certificate to one reader. The links below are not affiliate links ....more

what i love wednesday

Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore source I've just finished this book and it was unique. I love when you stumble upon a movie or book that doesn't fit one of the standard formulas ....more