I was feeling pretty proud of the three miles I had just completed and then I saw her.She was almost beyond the sun's reach as she placed her hands against a tree trunk and stretched. Her body formed a perfectly smooth and muscular line - the kind of smooth and muscular line I...well, could have had if I hadn't had such a love of white pasta and bacon double cheeseburgers back in my "just ran five miles, most of it hills" days....more

My Lumpia Brings All the Boys to the Yard

I usually don't eat animal products (or, as one buddy likes to put it, "things that had a mother." This line might be funnier if you've ever heard him say it at one of the parties he and his wife host: "Okay, people? This plate? Used to have a mother. This one? Did not. Carnivorous and herbivore friends, eat accordingly!")Occasionally, I make exceptions: usually when I'm a guest in someone's home, but sometimes when I feel the need for comfort food....more

Singing My Own Praises, and Maybe Yours, Too

The other day, I saw a comment in a forum from a member who had lost weight. She mentioned that she had changed her diet and had lost 50 pounds so far....more