I Am the Best StepMom She Allows Me To BE!

Helping my twelve year old stepdaughter is a continual battle. Not because I don’t want to help her but because I do. It’s because she resists my help.  My stepdaughter struggles with a lot of emotional issues stemming from her mother leaving her, her sister and their dad (my husband). She has built such a wall of protection around her heart that she won’t visit the pain that has to heal in order for her to live a healthy and peaceful life....more

I Don't Know If I Can Do This Any More

Disrespecting StepMom

Everyone in the family looses when kids are encouraged and/or rewarded to disrespect their stepmom and their father. ...more
Hi, Heather. Thanks for what you do. Thanks for coming up with Smom! I've been struggling with ...more

ReDefining Mother's DAy

When I said “I do” to my husband and his two daughters five years ago, I said “I do” to redefining motherhood as I knew it. I  was adding the job of stepmom to my life. That also meant redefining Mother’s Day.  I took on the role of stepmom with fervor and excitement. I loved being a mom and was excited to add two more children to my heart and home. But the role of mom and stepmom is different and celebrating Mother’s Day as a stepmom is a very different celebration....more

Top 10 Gifts To Give Your Stepkids This Christmas

While Christmas is a time of joy and peace, some children who live between two homes can find celebrating the holidays emotionally and physically stressful. Where will I wake up Christmas morning? Will mom or dad be mad if I’m not with them? Why can’t we celebrate our traditions as a family like we used to? are a few of the questions that run through the hearts and minds of some children whose parents are no longer together. This year, keep in mind the pain and frustration that Christmas can trigger for your stepchild and give them the priceless gift of making their holiday as stress free as possible....more
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5 Tips for a Peaceful Back-to-School Transition for StepMoms

Back to School time means form time. You know those pieces of paper where parents and/or guardians are to be listed. Or not. Nothing seems to bring more angst at the onset of school like those dreaded forms. Actually, it’s not the forms themselves but being left off of them that can fuel an emotional fire deep within a stepmom’s heart....more
I never added my ex to school forms because he was not around. He didnt pay child support and ...more