Full Moon?

Today was a CRAAAZZYYY  day.  For some reason,  a few choice kiddos decided to behave like crazy people.  Sometimes I wonder how reality and perception get so mixed up in the adolescent brain. This evening I had the chance to meet with parents, six families to be exact.  Every time I get to meet a parent I am provided with sincere insight into how I can help that particular student be more success. So .... I am off to bed.  Call me an old woman, I don't care!  I AM TIRED :)...more

Blessings for the Week

Come count your blessings for the week at Teaching Today for Tomorrow.   I would love to hear what you are thankful for! ...more

Montessori Schools?

Montessori School discussion at Teaching Today !  What do you know about Montessori? ...more

American vs. Finnish Schools

 Today I read an extremely articulate article about the comparison between American and Finnish Schools. Read about it HERE!...more

Guilt is a Dead End Street

Every Day a Friday: Guilt is a Dead End Street I really needed to hear this chapter aloud or maybe LOUD or maybe shouted in my face at the top of somebody else's lungs.  I have done a lot of reflecting lately and have harped on a few decisions I have made in the last few years....more

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year !   ...more

You Complain, You Remain

Every Day a Friday - You Complain You Remain This chapter really delves into perspective.  What is your life perspective?  As I read this chapter, I really looked around at all the blessings in my life.......more

What are Your Big Rocks?

Often times, my friends will hear me mumble, "oh, it is the small things" as I move through a day.  I truly believe that the small things matter.  We do need to find the small things in life to be thankful for and to appreciate....more

The Joy of Language

The Joy of Language What words and word combos feel awesome in your mouth? No rules!  What words do you just love to say?   For me....  PlethoraPassionate Saucy Sassy Princess Parking Fanatic...more


I'm smiling with my cup of coffee :) I feel better already!more