The "C" word nobody wants to hear...Cancer

We all think it won’t happen to us, your friends and especially your family. For me today, it hit home.“CALL ME UNTIL YOU GET THROUGH” was the text I received from my mom today.“I wanted to let you know the results of dad’s test. Dad has CANCER.” She said with a chocked up teary eyed voice.“Ok, what kind of cancer?”“It’s in his esophagus…”...more

Pregnancy at it's finest, with humor and truth.

Please Note this was a paper I had to write recently. Enjoy and I hope you find the honest humor in this. ...more

Adult interation

It all started with that moment of staring at my child saying "well kid, its just you and I this year." As my fiance is deployed, I am lucky enough to stay home this year with him. Coming from a social lifestyle to staying home with our son I realize how important "adult interaction" is in general. You stay at home mom's know what I'm talking about....more

What About Our Civilian Contractors?

So after just getting of of Skype with my fiance and son of my father, I have to say that sometimes sadness takes over. Knowing that he has been in the Navy for 8 years and the Coast Guard for 2. As the American people are still struggling in this economy he has taken a civilian contract job over in Afghanistan to support our family. Although I am extremely grateful for what he is doing as a fiance, father, and man it truly does make me sad to know that he will be over there serving with our troops. But this time as a civilian contractor things will be a bit different for him. ...more

Life as I know it...

Well, as we all become new mothers we don't know quite what to expect. In this past year, I have experienced such changes such as physical, emotional and most importantly this little human being known as my son. He just had his first birthday and this kid is something else. There are the moments of excellence and the moments of sadness. Knowing that time flies when you're having fun, and then, man can you be old enough to communicate with your words now....more