Scary Santa 2014–The Finalists!

I really loved putting together the Sweet Santa Photo Contest post....more

Healthier Yogurt + Homemade Granola

This post is sponsored by siggi’s. If I were stuck on a deserted island and could only eat three foods for the rest of my life, they would be: peaches, chocolate, and Greek yogurt. I love yogurt – especially when it’s paired with raw oatmeal (try it – I swear it’s delicious) or crunchy granola ....more

Sweet Santa 2014 – The Finalists!

Drum roll, please!...more

Last Chance! + Cookie Recipes

Today (Sunday) is the last day to send in your Sweet Santa + Scary Santa entries....more

Friday Notes–December 19, 2014

Post-It Phrase of the Day:...more

Your Choices Add Up

The tagline of Healthy Tipping Point is “When everyday decisions add up to something amazing.”...more

Wednesday Notes – December 17, 2014

Post-It Phrase of the Day:...more

Get Organized

Good morning! Today’s goal is to organize my bedroom so it doesn’t look like a baby bomb went off....more

Tuesday Notes – December 16, 2014

Post-It Phrase of the Day:...more

Walk My Way Back

Over the weekend, I hit the stir-crazy point. I was SO sick of being in the house and on the couch – since leaving the hospital, I’ve only really left the house to drive Henry to school and take Claire to the doctor’s....more