Fall Schedule

Claire started preschool this week! She's going to our town's cooperative preschool, which means that a parent has to volunteer once a week, but that it's over $200 a month cheaper than our parish preschool. They have centers, show and tell, circle time, story time, and outside play ....more

Seven Months With Betsy

Likes:Timbits and ice cream. Being upside down.Her big sisters' toys, especially their...more

August Happenings

The first Friday in August, we went on a date to celebrate our sixth anniversary. It was also Adam's last day of work before his three weeks of paternity leave, so we had a lot to celebrate....more

The Three Province Vacation: BC's Sunshine Coast

We flew from...more

The Three Province Vacation: Quebec City

Our Airbnb in Quebec City was actually across the St. Lawrence River in Levis. We loved that it was a quick walk away from a French bakery ....more

The Three Province Vacation: Ottawa

It's been quite around here lately because Adam took the last three weeks of his paternity leave and Allie was visiting from Honduras. While they were both off, we spent nine days in Canada, visiting family and sightseeing. We left Seattle early on a Friday morning, stopped at a cute little bakery in Bellingham on the way, and arrived at the Vancouver airport with plenty of time to catch our direct flight to Montreal ....more

Silly Sisters

Claire: I'm the right-est person in the whole world!...more

Six Months With Betsy

Birth Weight:...more

July Happenings

Besides visiting my parents for July 4th and a bunch of Adam's family coming to visit, we squeezed even more fun into July!...more

Seattle Staycation Part Two

So, during the first half of Adam's family's visit, we took them to some of our favorite Seattle spots - Gas Works Park, Pike Place Market, and Snoqualmie Falls. Early Wednesday morning, we piled in the van and ventured much farther afield, to Mount Rainier! We pretty much stuck with the same itinerary as our day trip last summer, breaking up the three-hour drive by stopping for breakfast at a Panera in Puyullap on the way....more