Seven Quick Takes

1. Claire officially completed two weeks of swim lessons at the...more

Resolutions Revisited

Let's check in and see how I did on my resolutions for the first half of the year, shall we? Before Lent (January to mid-February) - Rename and...more

Stuff I've Made Lately

Three of our six rooms now have curtains!...more

Alki Beach

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, my parents and brother drove here and flew out of Seattle for his college orientation. Then just my parents flew back and drove back home, while Scott flew to Houston to spend a few days with my sister and renew his driver's license. The plan was for him to fly to Seattle and then my parents to drive up for the weekend to get him ....more

Mom's Group

At our end-of-the-year lunch this morning. When we moved to Seattle right out of college with a newborn in tow, I looked in the bulletin of our new parish, discovered there was a playgroup that met in the church nursery, and have attended every week since. After two years, the mom leading the group had a daughter heading off to kindergarten, so she asked me to take over....more



Summer Bucket List

This is the last week of the "school year" for us. Basically, it's the last week of music class and playgroup meeting in the church nursery. Our normal weekday morning schedule looks like:...more

Seven Quick Takes

1. Claire is potty trained - hooray! We started right after her cousin's (who potty trained first) visit ....more

Estelle Visits Seattle: Part Two

So, after visiting Fort Casey state park on Whidbey Island, we drove to....another state park. This time, Deception Pass and we drove straight to West Beach. Apparently you can see all the way to Vancouver Island from there on a clear day ....more

Estelle Visits Seattle: Part One

Last week, Claire and Maggie's cousin, Estelle, came to visit from Houston! Okay, given that she's only two, her parents, Jeff and Jenn (Adam's oldest brother and sister-in-law), came too. On Wednesday, their first day here, the cousins dressed in matching shirts (made by Jenn and Estelle!) and we headed downtown ....more