Egyptian Mythology and Religion

Copyright by Caitlyn Tjong Egyptian mythology has always intrigued me, so this is a little research essay I have written about it. ...more  Thank you so much for visiting my blog, Miss Robin. I'm really glad that ...more

The Light

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Rising Water

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Prologue of my book ...

  (Copyright by Caitlyn Tjong)              In a lush forest far away, a lone she-cat lifted her head, gazing at the dark blue night sky littered with starry specks of light. Her clear blue eyes clouded with sorrow. Silently she sent a desperate prayer to the Cat Goddess, the One who watches over all felines below The Land of Eternal Summer, the place where the spirits of the dead lived on....more
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My Life as a Rock

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Fire Storm

(Copyright: Caitlyn Tjong)            Smoke and buffeting winds of stinging ash made Feather’s eyes sting as they swirled around her. She could see nothing around her except flashes of gold. In the distance, there was a deafening roar that made her ears ring. Abruptly, the smoke thinned and Feather could see bobcats fleeing for their lives.  Then the choking blackness engulfed her again. A distant voice warned, “Beware of sun and fire.” Before she could comprehend the ominous warning, blobs of glowing red flew at her....more
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My Father's Secret

(Copyright: Caitlyn Tjong)            My name is Lady Anebella Rose Loter. I am a nobleman’s daughter. No, I amSir Albert Loter’s daughter. My father was a very wealthy man back then. He was the most trustworthy lord in the kingdom. King William entrusted his deepest secrets with my father, with only my father. Now, looking back, I still cannot believe that he actually betrayed those secrets to the enemy, but he is still my father. I still would go through it to save my father....more
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