Creepers Love the Avon Lady {My Experience Selling Avon}

Some time ago, in October of last year to be somewhat specific, I started to feel a more than a little restless. I needed something to do. Something besides all of the everyday mundane household chores, taking care of my two lovely ladies, working a few hours a week as a website evaluator, and getting my nightly fix of Fiber One brownies and Breaking Bad....more

The {Un}Lavender LIfe

Lately, I’ve been aware of how much time I spend worrying about my parenting skills. Or rather, Mike has made me aware of how much time I spend fidgeting and biting my nails {I relapsed, okay?}It’s still that perfect mom societal pressure, I think. I’m so proud to be a co-creator of The Mommy Reality Challenge. It’s been a real eye opener for me, and I know many of you, who feel pressured to do everything from diapering to dinnerware flawlessly and with a show stopping smile....more

35 Ideas For Rewards When Your Reach Your Fitness Goals

Awhile back, I started up the Couch to 5K program yet again. This time jumping in at Week 5 with the goal of finishing the program. I stalled out around Week 7 for quite a while but I can now proudly say I did it!...more

7 Reasons Why Moms Should Take A Staycation

Lately, I’ve been hearing and reading alot about the "staycation," have you?...more

The 8 Stages of My Day As A Stay At Home Mom

When you’re home with kids all day, it can be a tough. Tough to make it through the day and hold onto your sanity, tough to keep your patience, tough to get everything done on a never-ending to do list. Then there are also the days when things run so smoothly it feels almost too easy. With kids, it’s a mixed bag....more
The Undergardener Thanks for the comment!  I'm a big believer in caffeine!more

The Perfect Mom

The mother of today is supposed to be a nonstop nurturer that lives and breathes the happiness of her children, involve them in a plethora of extracurricular activities and chauffeur them back and forth to said activities, keep her home flawlessly clean, look ageless and refreshed, all the while presenting a relaxed and satisfied image to her family, friends, and community. And if you believe everything that you read on Facebook, or see out in public, the world is bursting at its seams with Perfect Mothers....more