Trying to Fly with Elphaba

Last October, I ran across some wonderful Steve Madden canvas espadrilles on clearance.  I grabbed several pair for female family members and friends for Christmas gifts.  I hand painted each pair and gave them a personality reflecting each receiver.  I have always loved to draw and paint but never considered myself very good at it.  Everyone did seem to love them and I had numerous crafting friends encouraging me to start a business so they could order a pair.  I have had that in the back of my mind and recently decided to give it a try!  Oh, what fun I have b...more

Sweet 16 Vegan Cake Pops!

I have blogged in my mind so many times since my first post.  Frankly, I am having difficulty using this site and despite my attempts to learn what I do not understand, the helpers end up confused as well.  I will continue on at least for now....more

Chocolate Makes Everything Better!

Interesting week this has been! On Monday, my husband left on a trip to Washington, DC so I have been by myself making chocolate covered Oreos! A freaky thing happened on Monday though. I had not taken a break all day so by 10pm, I was hungry. I opened a bag of salt & vinegar chips, put a few in a bowl and crawled into bed to watch tv. About three chips down and I noticed my tongue tingling and my cheek feeling kind of numb. I kept eating them and the symptoms worsened to the point that the whole left side of my face was swollen and my lip looked like I had been punched!...more

In the Beginning....There were Cake Pops!

"Blogging is Good for You"!  Really?  "Yes,it's an outlet for stress and you can share so many amazing creations with everyone!"  Well, I finally decided to give it a try despite my persistent doubt....more
Yay !!!!  Great job!  More, more, more!  more