Wednesday Slice

1. I am SO SLOW right now – I can’t get through all the pictures from Food Blog Forum and I can barely keep up with anything right now. I had to at least share this photo with you because OMG is that mocha stout amazing with that dark chocolate covered sea salt caramel… GAH. 2 ....more

Frozen Melon Margarita

Summer is quickly ending and I am doing everything in my power to cling onto these final sunny days. When I was in Copper Mountain over the summer, I tried this melon margarita and it has been stuck in my head ever since. I literally dream about the crisp and cool refreshingly sweet taste ....more

Wednesday Slice

1. I just got back today from an amazing event in Asheville, NC. This was my first time attending Food Blog Forum and I really can’t wait to share the amazing experiences and all the photos I got (even more than the ones I’ve been sharing on Instagram and Twitter, if you can believe it!) ....more

Chicken and Fig Summer Salad

Fresh figs, all plump and juicy, are one of my secret salad treats. I love the burst of sweetness that floods my taste buds when I bite into them. It’s that fresh sweetness that I have been desperate for in my salads ....more

Mexican Pizza

Pizza is a beautiful thing because you can basically throw whatever you want on it and it will turn out oh-so delicious. I have been deep in a Mexican food rut lately – I can’t get enough of those latin flavors to save my life. One of my favorite things about August is that tomatillos are in season right now… I love the tangy flavor of tomatillos, especially when they are charred ....more

Cucumber Martini

I was inspired to make this martini for two reasons. First, this has been an intense week and I am trying to prep everything so I can be ready for Food Blog Forum *squeals*, so exhaustion means one remedy… vodka. Don’t judge....more

Wednesday Slice

1. Beer tasting with barbecue from over the weekend! So much fun! 2 ....more

Peach Sangria

I’m warning you now, I am in a deeeeeeep peach obsession right now. Like, real bad. You’ll see a few peach recipes from me this month (because when I obsess, I take it waaaaaay farther than I should) ....more

Wednesday Slice

1. I am not a huge salad lover but OMG this shrimp salad was the best I’ve ever had! Where was it? ...more