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9 Hilariously Bizarre Halloween Cakes To Make You Go, "Huh?"

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Happy Halloweenies!

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A Spirited Similarity

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My Disney's Haunted Mansion Inspired Wreath!

Squeaking in juuust before Halloween to show off my last crafty creation of the month: A Haunted Mansion inspired door wreath!(Yep, my front door is HM purple. I painted it last year around Halloween, so it seemed only fitting to finally make a wreath to match!) Appropriately enough, this thing was a nightmare to photograph, but I did my best. I think you can see everything Ok, but I do wish the two lighted elements showed better; they're really much brighter in person! ...more

5 Bakers Who Bit Off More Than They Could Chew

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Friday Favs 10/24/14

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October Art Roundup: Cute Bats, Funny Monsters, & Wicked Beauties!

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Wedding Wrecks, Vol. 345

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