Dear all who have finished their 30 Days of Blogging:

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Procrastination Blasphemation

I did something stupid. I didn’t write my blog post for napoblome this morning. I procrastinated. I put up the christmas tree. I made cookies. I paced the house. I drank way too much coffee and I’m crashing. All I want to do now is sit here with my dog. My dog, btw, is an english springer spaniel who has his own facebook page. If you’ve never owned a Springer Spaniel, you have idea what you’re missing. Goodnight, bitches....more

My Thanks and a rather raucous P.S.

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It Needs Be Said:

I don’t typically like preachy op eds or blog posts. I’m not one to take kindly to patronization. I also try to avoid the overly saccharine variety of, well, anything. More about what I don’t like: the Huffington Puffington Post, especially, within the last year. Although, I do still read it on occasion and sometimes they make-up for what I consider to be several major shortcomings for which my personality can’t really take....more

I Explore The Ocean for One of Christa McAuliff's Strands

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Your Gun Violence Propaganda is Ruining My Pumpkin Pie

For the first time in my lifetime, as we approach the holiday season, I’m encountering a lot of “fashionable” propaganda with regards to Thanksgiving and Opposing Gun Violence....more

The Liebster Award

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A Day in The Life - How To Treat A Burn

So, I’m all excited about making blueberry tea that I purchased in The Highlands a few weeks ago when hubby and I went on our yearly mountain vacation. I measure out the loose tea,  prepare my little Teavana tea pot for receiving hot water, and the inevitable occurs: I burn the shit out of myself because boiling hot water blasts out of the spout and directly onto my hand. I screamed mother bastard so loudly that I’m sure people shopping in the grocery store down the road heard my curdle while choosing between Honey Nut or Cardboard Cheerios....more

I'm a bit of a Music Freakadeak

More glimpses into: just who in the hell is Calamity Rae? ..... sicken of the calm who know the storm - Dorothy Parker...more

Because Today, I'm Tired

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