And this is why I love Pinterest.

Besides some really awesome diy projects I'll most likely never get around to doing, great looks I'd love to have in my closet to wear, fabulous birthday party ideas, anti-aging secrets (If the Evening Primrose Oil supplement I've started taking works, you'll be the first to know.  And you might actually see a picture of me on this blog!), recipes that if I tried them they'd never look like they do in the picture, and room designs that made me ...more


Today is the big day - Parker's birthday.  He woke up to us serenading him with a verse of "Happy Birthday", but at 6:30 in the morning, he didn't appreciate.  It's all good.  I got him dressed for school, and we cuddled on the couch to an episode of 3rd and Bird.  He skips breakfast at home now because he'd rather be snuggled while he drinks a cup of juice...melt.  I picked him up this afternoon and met one of ...more

Birthday party. Check.

Whew!  Birthday party...check.  Because I just crashed afterwards yesterday (Why do birthdays equal exhaustion?), I still haven't sorted through pictures from his big day.  So until Tuesday - his actual birthday (Because tomorrow our place will be crowded with friends watching a little something called Alabama football.), here is one that I took of the soon-to-be-birthday-boy's Big Brother doing one of the things that he does best - raiding our night. ...more

after three days

I've been so distracted this week and knee deep in hot glue and party circles at night - so much that I haven't made time to write about our week.  And I totally get that I'm posting this on perhaps that means I'm wearing my Friday-colored (Rose?) glasses; but I have to say even after three days, it's been good.  ...more

Two nap mats dried in our dryer today...

because we all go back to living in our real world tomorrow...including Parker.   ...more

just another day in paradise

This past week has left me wondering if being here is paradise - hanging with my guys, enjoying an extra week and a half off, all things Christmas, wiping hineys and tears, sleeping in, and birthday party planning -or being here ....more

Wishing you the Wonders of His Love

Wow!  It's hard to believe Christmas Day is almost gone. Somehow this year it seems like it came and went even quicker than ever.  Maybe it's the week we spent vacationing - not seeing our own Christmas trees at home (even though they had several throughout the towers' lobbies and Christmas music playing) or thinking about what still needed to be done to get ready for today ....more

Home...for Christmas

We are home.  We are a little bit tan.  We are anxiously waiting for two little boys to wake up to the gifts that "Santa" has left for them under our Christmas tree.We are wishing you a very Merry Christmas.And for more than anything, we are thankful for the Baby that was born in a stable. He is the reason for this season. He is the reason for our everything.To all of you...Good Night! ...more

We made it!...

and with just minor "bumps" in the air.  With the exception of two hours longer in the airport than we expected to wait due to a mechanical error our airplane had, a whole new airplane, and a few tears while we descended, we really had a good trip.  It's eighty-something degrees, relaxing, huuuuuuge, sunny, sandy, and so incredibly fun here.  Lots more later...internet access here is limited to fifteen minutes per day, so I just wanted to stop in and say Hi, we're here, and we're having the most amazing stay ...more

Going somewhere?

Yes, we are. We'll be here for the next six days. We finished packing yesterday and stayed overnight close to the airport we'll be leaving out of. We got here in the late afternoon, and even though we haven't even made it to our destination, we've had a great time so far. ...more