No common sense what so ever

So, the evening is about to come to a close and guess who calls my significant other. The crazy bi-polar dead beat mother who has no clue as to how to raise her child and this proves it yet again. She apparently misplaced her child at the circus today. A 4 year old, how does one loose a 4 year old 2 floors down. Then, she calls my future husband unsure of what to do becuase she feels the child was lured by the clown. Yet another ploy to get him on the phone because she secretly regrets ruining their marriage and hopes to get back in his bed....more

A snap shot of the past

So, I am at Wal-mart doing weekly grocery shopping and I am walking outside to my fiance's truck to put groceries in back and I feel eyes upon me. It is windy and I am trying to get the bags in before I freeze my ta ta's off because although it is sunny, it is chilly too. I look over to where the carts go after you are done and I see the vehicle parked next to it and notice a woman behind the wheel and she is, dare I say, mad dogging me. I am like, who the hell is that and I squint my eyes to try to asertain who the nut job with the grudge behind the wheel is....more

As the hourglass creeps onward

I will be ayear older here in a few weeks and I am not looking forward to turning 42. I also am not looking forward to Mother's day because I no longer have a mother living to celebrate what she has done for me. It has been a tough few weeks and there seems to be no end in sight for what lies ahead. Dear Lord let us pray for my sanity during these times. ...more

The trials of the truck and Beef Wellington

I made a wonderful meal for my fiance last night. He had been working so hard on getting the truck fixed that broke down on me and he was so sore. i had planned to make a nice romantic meal when he had originally planned on coming back which was Friday but as fate would have it, he came down Thursday night. He worked practically all day Friday and the problem was still there so we went to the auto parts store and got some other parts that he already had suspected was the problem and boom, Saturday he replaced more parts and now, the truck is fixed....more

It's getting tougher...

Today was a tough day and it made me see just how easily I could be dismissed. I was driving home on the outskirts of town in a rural area that is desolate and extremely busy because it is the highway when the truck made 2 loud pops....more

The Odd Duck....

I sit here writing this and my fiance is spending a few days with his parents and I decided to stay, not because I was not invited by him but because if you have followed my blogs it is the mother. I have been doing some self reflecting and I feel so helpless right now, like I am not good enough. He has had some really good looking women in his past and he has mentioned in passing how this one was really pretty and that one was this or that. He didn't say these things to boast or be mean, it was in casual conversation but the words stuck. ...more

A Few Days...

My fiance will be going to his parents house with his son for a few days since it is spring break and he hasn't visited in a while. I would go but I have commitments and besides, I am not well liked or recieved by this Christian family, in fact, the matriarch loves and cherishes the ex-wife dead beat who put her son through hell and I am loathed....more

He is my One

The feeling I have for my sweetheart is immense. I have been through a turmoil and a half in my life with my failed marriage and when this man came into my life, I no longer felt like the Ugly duckling, even though at times I still do feel that way. I ask myself, “Doesn’t he deserve someone more accomplished or better looking or skinnier?” He looked at me the other day and said, I (meaning he) am the light and you are the Black Hole, I cannot escape you, In fact, I willing fall into the Black Hole and besides, your attractive too....more

Filter, what filter?


Mother Dear

I find it very sad and upsetting that someone who totes the values of Christian love and kindness and shoves it down peoples throats and quotes scripture and verse can be, themselves, so judgmental and two faced. Quietly stabbing one in the back while showing you a smile. These are what we call hypocrites people and yes, they do exist in a small town, village or city near you. I was taught straight up to not pretend to like someone, either you do or don’t, and if you don’t, there is no need to show your face around them....more