After Widowhood: Hot or Not?

So, I started to wonder, was my husband really telling me the truth? It's not that I never saw myself as sexy or interesting or smart. I just never saw myself as that person for anybody but him. It's been a strange journey reframing my vision of myself as this person independent of another. I like her, this whole, sexy, smart, fully-formed me. She's kinda awesome. ...more
Hi, thanks for that, I lost my hubby. He said I looked good too. I wished I believed him at the ...more

Dear HuffPo: Divorce Is NOT Like Death, It's Like Divorce

My children will never see their father again. He will never be late picking them up for "his weekend." He will never spend another birthday with them, another Christmas, or see them in another Halloween costume. They will never call him on the phone. He will not attend their weddings. ...more
 @22dots Really? So, your children are able to see your first wife who died? Because my kids ...more

What If?

 Do you spend your life asking yourself “What if?”What if I had gone to that Ivy League university?What if we had more money?What if I had told her I was sorry?What if we had a bigger house?What if we had another night together?What if I hadn’t lost my job?What if....more

Remembering My Late Husband: Holding My Head High Through Grief

There was a night in the hospital a couple weeks or so before Bob died when we were talking, I was crying, he was rubbing my hair, holding me, and asking me what I was afraid of most. ...more

I remember what a shock it was to realize I was a widow, a realization that came many days after ...more

Denial or Optimism: Gambling With My Husband's Life

“We really want to help you.” “This is an aggressive disease.” ...more

Is the only thing I can so. Do know that I mean it with great love (I know it's hard to see ...more