Lead-tainted Jewelry Found on Retailer’s Shelves Despite State Warnings

In May 2009, the California attorney general’s office ordered a national retailer with nearly three dozen stores throughout the state to stop selling jewelry with illegal levels of lead. Five months later, the state followed up with another warning directed at Rainbow Apparel after finding more lead-tainted jewelry. Three months after that came another warning. And then another. ...more

It's alarming that they can keep putting dangerous material on their shelves, time after time, ...more

Do You Really Need One? California For-Profit Hospitals Are Performing More C-Sections

For-profit hospitals across the state of California are performing Cesarean sections at higher rates than nonprofit hospitals, a California Watch analysis has found. A database compiled from state birthing records revealed that, all factors considered, women are at least 17 percent more likely to have a Cesarean section at a for-profit hospital than at one that operates as a non-profit. A surgical birth can bring in twice the revenue of a vaginal delivery. ...more

Ok, since when are LA County and Riverside County essentially the same population? The hospitals ...more