#5Faves: Using Essential Oils at the Gym

Looking to enhance your workout? Try using essential oils at the gym. Just don’t do what I did and try to wash your hair with a bottle of rosemary oil and then shatter it in the shower making the entire locker room smell like an herb garden ....more

Chocolate Green Smoothie Recipe

This post contains affiliate links. My Chocolate Green Smoothie recipe was one that a good friend of mine passed on to me....more

7QT: makes us purchase them from her rolly backpack

Ellen has her own “Bowtique” and by that I mean that she collects all of her hair bows and makes us purchase them from her rolly backpack at the reasonable price of $30 each. If you’re looking for something darling at an even better steal, check out Designed by Chloe. She has sent Ellen hair bows a few times, and we love them over here for wear and play ....more

#5Faves: Teas

I don’t drink coffee, so I have to get my hot bevvie fix another way. It’s not that my brain, nose and mouth don’t want...more

7QT: who wants someone to see them in that fine moment?

This week has been a rough one in the sleep department. Not only is Theo sleeping like a baby (in the true sense of the word…), the other kids are sleeping like babies as well. Night terrors, nightmares, requests for snacks and drinks, diaper blowouts, you name it ....more

Healthy Homemade Almond Joys

You know those people who aren’t really into candy? Those who never really crave sweets? Those who who rather have a pear or a salty pretzels than a fatty piece of cake? ...more

#5Faves: Melody’s Harmonies Edition


13 Catholic Mom Fails (#convertproblems)

My husband and I entered the Catholic Church Easter vigil 1999. Thanks be to God! Among the many blessings of our Catholic faith is the knowledge that we don’t have to figure it all out ourselves ....more

7QT: Sincerely, Crumbs Everywhere

Can I get a little domestic on you for just a minute? Those of you who bake your own bread, how do you keep it from going stale? I’ve tried ziplocks and linen bags ....more

#5Faves: The Better Gift Guide for New Moms + Giveaway

If you’ve had a baby, you’ve probably...more