#5Faves: Summer Beverages

You COULD waste your time at the store and behind the blender making something that your kids are going to beg for sips of. OR, you could just stick to the classics. My classics ....more

The Perfect Netflix Show for Your Myers-Briggs Type #streamteam

If you don’t know your Myers-Briggs personality type, take the test here. It’s all the rage, or maybe that’s just my INFJ showing. Once you know your type, check out which show you should be binging on via Netflix ....more

#5Faves: Articles About NFP

It’s NFP awareness week, my people. So, I’m here to, uh, make you aware. All of the honesty without any of the details! ...more

How to Discuss Gay Marriage

I can take absolutely no credit for this post. I simply asked two very intelligent friends of mine to chat with each other about the recent SCOTUS decision regarding the legalization of gay marriage. So, before I let you read their conversation, let me give you some background and ground rules: Background and Intros Cara has been my friend for 23 years now ....more

#5Faves: Hidden Gems of Mackinac Island

You already know about the...more

Haughty Thuggery: A Blog Post by Ellen

Ellen is really into blogging lately. She tells me that she blogs so she can get packages in the mail. We all have our reasons ....more

7QT: just as I thought

We had a mouse poop all over our entire kitchen. And our microwave broke. I have titled this week Hunger Games and Paper Plates ....more

#5Faves: Unusual, Easy Breakfast Ideas

99% of the time we wake up and I’m like, “Do you want this cereal or that cereal for breakfast? Oh, you want something special? How about I put extra milk in that for you?” But when I think...more

How to Read to Your Baby and Toddler

There’s nothing wrong with just picking up a book and reading it to your child. You don’t need to get all fancy and educational with it. Honestly, just snuggling close and browsing your latest library choice is enough to instill a love of reading in your kid ....more

#5Faves: Simple Ways to Live Laudato Si’

With how much the Catholic Church has been in the news lately, you’d think we weren’t one of the oldest institutions on earth. But, you know. In the wake of Pope Francis’ encyclical titled Laudato Si’, Catholics (and all humans, really) have been reminded of where the Church stands on environmental issues and what role we play in that ....more