#5Faves: Products for Looking Fresh Without a Shower

A big round of applause and thank you to Rachel for taking over this gig while I reworked some scheduling around these parts. If you’re not a regular over there by now, get it. Shall we? ...more

Cinnamon Puppy Chow

This was a happy accident. Also, it wasn’t my accident. It was my mom’s ....more

7QT: Did you dance as much as I did?

This week was all about family. My cousin got married and every cousin but one (who got sick. boo.) was there ....more

Treating Maternal Anxiety

I struggled for many months with whether I should write about this part of my life or not. When Katherine from Half Kindled reached out to me about her blog hop, I knew it was time to tell this story. Besides, everyone already knows I’m open about my anxiety ....more

What I Wish I’d Known About Breastfeeding

My mom works at a home for homeless pregnant women – Mary’s Mantle. These women are my sisters, right? My sisters in Christ ....more

7QT: I want to know why I should love you even more

I’m loving this working on Mondays thing. I am still a lot behind where I wish I could be right now, but I think in a few weeks I will have this on auto. And by a few weeks I mean when the kids are old and grown ....more

The Gilmore Girls Netflix Workout

Disclosure: I have received free Netflix...more

Bacon Popcorn Recipe

Bacon Popcorn Recipe I was talking to some people on Facebook last week and we go on the topic of bacon grease. Obviously. Someone mentioned that she uses the bacon fat to pop stovetop popcorn, and my brain went nuts and I came up with this bacon popcorn recipe ....more

7QT: one day a week to work on this little passion project

I waffle all the time about if I want to start taking blogging more seriously. Really it’s me wondering if blogging is taking away from being with my kids. I stay at home with them, so they see me an awful lot ....more

Minimize the Mess + eBook Giveaway

Sometimes it feels like Mike goes to work so he can make money so we can buy things. And then we spend time cleaning and taking care of those things. It leaves me wondering what the point is ....more