Perfect Pie Crust (with pictures) + Directions for Apple Pie

You asked for it! Um, well, someone asked for it. And lookey here: a day without something to blog about ....more

7QT: There cannot possibly be any more information that you would need to know

-1- I’ve got a feverish girl in my care today (hint: it’s Ellen), so we are, you know, abusing Netflix. Also, when girlfriend is sick, she doesn’t want to eat or drink a thing. So, I’ve bribed her with apple cider, hot chocolate and juice ....more

Twitterature: What We’re Reading

Falling for Your Madness:...more

Samster the Hamster: New Media Babybook

In Ellen’s first year of life, I dazzled you with monthly updates on all of the (amazing! exciting! hilarious! ...more

7QT: then she says, “No!” but, like really sassy-like

-1- Took the kids to the park yesterday morning. There was a preschool using it (it is technically theirs). I was told I couldn’t use the park at the same time the school was using it for “safety reasons.” I get it ....more

Warm Beet Salad (kid un-friendly!)

Sometimes you just have to buy the kids a TV dinner, and make yourself something grown up. And, while the kids munched on microwaved corn dogs and french fries (surprisingly they weren’t fans, which, I guess, is good?), I treated myself to an iron fest. Call me iron woman ....more

Jumping on the Potty Wagon: The Un-Method

This is a sponsie, but truth be told, I am in love with Pull Ups, and we use them each and every blessed night. Do you know I actually drive a potty wagon? I cart dat froggy around for convenience, my friends ....more

7QT: This IS my life. It’s MY life. THIS is my life.

-1- Do you ever look at your life and realize that you spent the morning chasing a baby around a park while he covered himself in mud, meanwhile your toddler decided that she would just poop herself because you didn’t bring a change of clothes, and then you’re all, “This IS my life. It’s MY life. THIS is my life.”? ...more

Daily Mass with Your Kids…By Yourself

One hobby (?) I picked up while on my hiatus is taking the kids to daily Mass. We don’t go DAILY, but we try to make it a couple of times a week, so stop thinking I’m all dat and a bag of chaplets. First, we had to find a church that offered it at a time that worked ....more

Ellen Chatter

“Dad! Last night I fell asleep like you taught me. I closed my eyes and thought of all my favorite things!” “Awesome! ...more