Crushing Headache Pain Relief

When even light aggravates your headache, you might have a crushing headache on your hands. Some would categorize this kind of headache as a migraine but that’s not always so. ...more

How to Relieve Varicose Vein Discomfort Naturally

If you look hard enough, you’ll find that nature is a step ahead of us, freely providing natural remedies for all kinds of common ailments including my nemesis, varicose veins. Not only am I genetically prone to varicose veins, I’ve had 5 kids. Experiencing five pregnancies definitely took it’s toll on my body, I haven’t worn shorts since baby #1 ....more

Beekeeping with Essential Oils

It’s springtime in Wyoming and you know what that means; bees, chickens and gardening! ...more

Animal Lovers Fly Spray

I wanted to name this post, Damn Flies Fly Spray! ...more

Vitamin C and the Cold and Flu Bomb

It’s nigh to Spring and the fight against unusually strong strains of the cold and flu continues. Hospitals and doctor’s offices are still treating thousands of infants and elderly with RSV. ...more

Clean Your Makeup Brush in Minutes

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Start Flossing With Essential Oils

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How to Get Through Airport Security with Essential Oils

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Nourishing Herbal Bald Balm

A guy pal recently asked me if I had anything up my sleeve that could nourish and condition his beautiful, intentionally bald dome without smelling girly of course. ...more

Best Body Sugar and Salt Scrub

Nestled at the base of the Unitas in Park City, UT lives a local shop that makes and sells the most beautiful skin products! ...more