Boz Zellinger for Wake County District Attorney

It's not election season in my mind. There have been political signs up in yards and lining the main thoroughfares of Raleigh, but I honestly hadn't given them much thought. It's not time to elect a mayor, any of city council, any type of congress people, or governor, so I wasn't paying attention.As it turns out, that's a huge mistake.This "little" election that is coming up on May 6? ...more

The Last Snowman, by JC Little, the Animated Woman

I'm stretching my comfort zone today. After all, it is my birthday. I'm entitled to a little something new today ....more


Three years ago today, I lost my daddy. Two years ago yesterday, I lost my best friend. Here's the thing ....more


It's here. Colin is finally turning four. I honestly questioned whether we would make it or not ....more

Not laughing

Eight days in and I'm working hard on my resolutions. I've played piano, even *gasp* practiced, every day. And, of course, on the seventh day, a key broke ....more

Project Birthday Party

Christmas, check. New Years, check. That can only mean one thing ....more

Our Year

Fresh start. I'm a big fan of fresh starts. Some would say it's because I don't usually finish things ....more

Over coffee

She came into Starbucks and immediately saw someone she knew. Two Raleigh Bob's connecting over their red Starbucks cups and a noisy wash of "I haven't seen you in so long"s. She's a jewelry maker ....more

Holiday pajamas available on Etsy!

Holiday pajamas are in season in my Etsy shop! In November, they are only $30 a pair. December, they will go up to $35 ....more


This is what I was doing tonight. A gig in Wilson with a group I've been with around ten years now. I love them like family....more