5 Amazing Podcasts for Bloggers

I have listened to podcasts off and on over the years, but it was only recently when I tried to start being more intentional about listening to podcasts for the purpose of encouragement, challenging me in my faith and on my online life, being more intentional with my time and even business and strategic tips. I have found several that I subscribe to that I keep going back to. These are my very favorites! ...more

Motivate Your Children {Parenting Book Recommendation}

I’m so excited to tell you about a new parenting book that is all about the HEART. No formula, no 3-easy-steps to the perfect child, no 5 ways to get your child sleeping through the night. I will admit, when I first became a parent nearly 13 years ago, I was looking for a formula, even though I might not have known that is what I was searching for ....more

Grace for the Anxious Mama

The anxious mama....more

Bible Reading Plans: 10 Ways To Stick To It!

This post comes to you from my happiest of happy CHEERLEADER voices!! Those of you reading the Bible with me in 100 Days are a few weeks into the plan. Whew ....more

Wait Only Upon God {Celebration Give Away}

God’s Word has a lot to say about waiting on Him. I hope you will join me on this 40 day journey as we seek Him above all else and dig into His Word together praying the scriptures about waiting. I’m so excited about the release of my new prayer journal and I want to celebrate with you!! ...more

Introducing: Wait Only Upon God {40 Days of Praying Scripture in the Waiting}

I hope you will join me on a 40 day journey as we learn to truly wait upon the Lord. Not to wait on what He will give us, but to wait ON HIM. Waiting on God ....more

Coming Monday…and Subscriber Discount

“Waiting on the Lord is different than waiting in line somewhere. Waiting on the Lord never disappoints. Waiting on the Lord never fails us ....more

Revel: To Treasure, To Delight

The word “revel” means to take great pleasure or delight in. I have a blogging friend, Dawn, who chose “revel” for her word of the year. As soon as I saw her word, I immediately loved it ....more

28 Verses to Pray for Your Husband {Free Printable Love Notes}

“Seeing answers to your prayers can take time, especially if your marriage is deeply wounded or strained. Be patient to persevere and wait for God to heal. Keep in mind that you are both imperfect people ....more

Confidence in 2015 {Booklist}

2015 is my year to become confident in the Lord, to be secure in who He made me to be, to be content with the giftings and passions the Lord created me with, to be confident in hearing His voice and to act on that confidence! I shared a little more about choosing this word in this post. If you’ve been around here for long, you know that I will need some encouragement by the way of GOOD BOOKS to grow in this area ....more