7 Reasons "Beauty" is a Pointless Aspiration

Tomorrow October begins. But, before you start brainstorming another hooker-with-a-theme Halloween costume let's talk about body parts.Oooh, creepy. Right? Well, if you thought I was talking about "body parts" in the horror movie, people getting chopped up sort of way I'd say "Yeah, it's pretty creepy."...more

Is It Time To Re-Open The Candy Shop?

What happened? Divorce, break-up, long drawn out lesbian phase? Maybe you gained a ton of weight or just can't get out of the work-12-hours-a-day-on-a-glazed-donut-and-Frappucino cycle....more

'Nistas 99

Don't Hate Me Because... Frankly, There Is No Good Reason

So yeah, the racial intolerance thing seems to be a big deal right now, again. Unfortunately, the year 2013 not-withstanding, humans just love to hate....more

The Curse of a Generation: Are Your Parents TRYING to Kill You?

Here's a universal truth. Whatever you've been given for a set of parents you can bet that they love you the best way they knew/know how....more

Insecure Pretty Girls

So I have this "friend" who won't give a guy the time of day unless he's gorgeous. She's quite attractive herself, oddly though, it's not really her prettiness that compels her to set such high superficial standards.Although, if you ask her she might say it is.I have an altogether different theory....more

Are You Still Having Porn Sex?

If the answer is yes you can mark this down in the annals of 'why you're still single'. Don't get your leather chaps in a bunch, I'm not talking about the need to play dating games or moral issues. I'm talking about intimacy building....more

What Would You Be Without A Day Job?

I remember the exact moment it happened. I was a Theatre Arts Major at Penn State University. During my freshman and sophmore years the only thing more important than the next keg party and a pack of Marlboro lts....more