3 Reasons to Not Have Sympathy for Sandy Victims

Maybe it’s just semantics to some, maybe I’m splitting hairs but I have a real beef with the idea of being sympathetic. In my mind, and I’m willing to admit that maybe it’s just me, sympathy is both passive and selfish....more

F*** “No pain, no gain.” If it hurts you’re doing it wrong.

 Subtitle: How I learned to stop hating exercise and just sweat it out. Zumba es caliente!!I’m no skinny minny but I do love to work out. Actually what I really love is to shake what my mama gave me (which, thankfully, is plentiful). Luckily there are a ton of work-outs that require just that.I gotta be honest though. I didn’t always Love exercise. It wouldn’t be over-stating to say that I really used to hate it.When I was in middle school we had recess. You know, back when your average public school had the funds to provide a well-rounded education. We also had music class, but I’m digressing. Anyway, cut to Jr. High School where gym became a mandatory class and a change of clothing was a prerequisite.No sooner was sweating required before I started thinking of excuses to prevent having it happen to me…...more

Does He Have A Big Clock?

 When I was dating in my late teens and very early twenties, it never occurred to me to wonder what any guy was doing when he wasn’t with me. Perhaps it was because I had little interest in having a relationship so serious that I would have to care. With that said, during those years, with no intention, I somehow slipped and fell into a ten year long relationship and didn’t really look back.Cut to almost 20 years and three “long term” relationships later and dating seems to be much more of a project than it ever was before. I’m pretty sure it has to do with the fact that besides being older, I’ve picked up some habits and baggage. Most of all, I’ve begun consciously applying standards....more