Women in Games: The Escapist's Susan Arendt

Welcome, GamingAngels (and now BlogHer!) readers! It’s time to start bringing you more Women in Games interviews. Why? Because so many people don’t realize all the different ways that you can work with games. You don’t have to be a programmer, or an artist — you can take your skills and make a gaming-related career out of it, and that’s pretty awesome....more
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5 Games for the Whole Family to Enjoy

Gaming's been a big part of my family life since I was very small. My parents and I played games together for years, and ever since we all got iPhones, we even play on the go while we're miles apart. (Thanks, Words with Friends!) That makes about 20 years of gaming, and when I have a family to call my very own (read: little ones), I hope to keep the family tradition going....more
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