We Can Talk About Barbie Now

In 1978, or maybe it was '79, I became the proud owner of a real Barbie doll. My Pretty Changes Barbie wore a fabulous, yellow satin jumpsuit and included accessories that allowed me to change her look. I could change her hair as well; she came with wigs. She was my prized possession. I was 3 or 4 and had no concept of body image, but I knew Barbie was a woman, not a girl like me....more

Parenting & Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is not a real holiday. Yet it is around this day of the year that we discuss love and romance the most. When I say “we” I mean more of the royal “we” because I know I’m not the one doing the talking. My husband and I don’t treat it as a real holiday....more

Why I Voted

I have to be honest - I struggled with whether to write about this as I wasn't even sure I was going to vote. I'm so jaded when it comes to politics lately. I see link after link shared on Facebook, many that are just plain false - and these links end up with tons of comments about how "mad" everyone is about this false thing that they never even took the time to look up. (SPOILER ALERT: Obama didn't slam stay-at-home moms.)...more
Yes! My thoughts exactly!more

What I Want for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is Sunday. I'm not entirely sure why this holiday was created.The expectations are complicated on this particular day. The family feels like they need to do extra special and super wonderful things for the mama. The mama? Really just wants no fighting. Maybe some wine and a nap. Or time to read and call her own mom, for whom she didn't get a gift because she ran out of time. (Sorry, Mom.)...more

Parenting When You Don't Have the Answers

What I've Learned About Running & Supporting Runners

My husband started running in the spring of 2011. He ran his first marathon in January 2012. I know it wasn't easy for him to make it to the finish line. And it really wasn't easy for me and the girls to get to the finish line either, as I shared with you afterwards....more

I Ditched the Minivan.

Our minivan came into our life by necessity. I wasn't thrilled, but I complied with the minivan acquisition as I was pregnant with my second child and knew we needed something bigger than my Honda CR-V. But three years later I came to realize something VERY important: I make bad decisions when I'm pregnant....more
@desbranmom It's a tough call - it's hard to beat the room and practicality of a minivan. I had ...more

Leftover Fish at 3:45PM.

Nobody tells you this is what life really is. Nobody tells you it's all rushing around and wiping noses and keeping people fed and running three miles and vacuuming the house. Nobody tells you your lunch will be a piece of leftover fish that you will eat at 3:45PM while your toddler naps because she was excessively cranky and did not nap at preschool and you wonder if you need to text your neighbors to get your six year old off the school bus that will be arriving in, oh, about 20 minutes now. (The answer is yes.)Nobody tells you these things....more

In Search Of: The Perfect School Shoe

So the Big First Day of School at the Big Public School is now in the past at our house. My first grader picked out a new outfit and was quite pleased with her appearance on that first day....more

Who do I contact about a Parenting Manual?

I'm a stay at home mom because I wanted to be. My husband and I planned on it and arranged our finances to make it work before we were even pregnant. I didn't know what it would be like to be a mother at that point, but I knew there were too many little moments I would miss if I couldn't be the primary caregiver for my children....more