fun anthrpologie find: metallic dishonorable pot gets an honorable use ;)

When we went on our anniversary trip, I found this little gem of a planter hiding in the bottom of a big hutch full of dishes at Anthropologie: At $14, it was far less per lb. than every other Anthro item ;), and the gold one I found is the perfect shade {it seems a little more muted than the pictures, actually} so I thought it would be a fun souvenir of our 12th anniversary. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it in our house: I think it would make a beautiful plant holder too, if I get tired of using it as a utensil holder ....more

our week in pics: getaways, tornado meal-prepping, and it's happening again

Oh, the crazy fun of summer! Can I admit that I've been sleeping in this summer, and it's been wonderful? I feel like a new person when I sleep 8-9 hours a night ....more

happy 1st birthday Zane! {a year in pics}

My baby is one year old today! I can't believe it. It's been a long and a short year all at the same time ....more

throwback thursday: my senior prom

This may very well be the first #tbt {throwback Thursday} I've ever participated in, so for fun, I'm going way, way back, to my high school banquet 14+ years ago. We didn't dance at our Christian school {which makes SO much sense to me now that I'm old! ha!}, but we did have a banquet.How many people can say they went to their high school prom with the father of their children? ...more

window treatments: before and after

When we moved in a few years ago, the girls' room had these old oak-yellow blinds: In an effort to avoid the expense of new blinds, I added those super-cheap pink curtains from IKEA for less than $20. But, after more than a year of the pink and dirty yellow-brown, I had been on the lookout for something to change up the room to make it more gender neutral.And then {!} the other day, out of the blue,...more

the loft: before and after

Much like the boys' room, our upstairs landing has been begging for coat of paint since 2010. :) When we moved in our house four years ago, I scrubbed and scrubbed this off-white floor with bleach to remove the layers of dirt, and it only marginally helped it's dinginess. It was BAD ....more

if I could slow down a moment, and the day I long to see

If I could slow down a summer moment this year, it would have been this one: In the middle of a very crazy weekend, I got to see the sun set out at my in-laws' place. And this guy was sitting right next to me: He's growing up so fast. We're like the same size now ....more

boys' room before and after

The white paint struck again! :) We loved it so much in our family closet that we went for it upstairs this time!The boys' room had this basketball floor since we moved in. They loved it, but it had seen better days: Here's what the room looked like 4+ years ago when we moved in, was slightly better than this year: And then- the...more

the best deal on designer jeans ever {you won't believe the price!}

If you follow me over on Instagram, you might already know I scored big thrifting on Saturday! Plato's Closet was having a huge summer clearance sale, and I felt like nearly stole my 10 items for $10!! :) I'd never been to their big clearance sale before, so I was floored I got to the store and saw there was a line to get in....more

this spray paint is pure magic.

You probably know spray paint is one of my favorite DIY hacking tools ever, right? :) Early last year I started seeing shiny gold spray paint popping up all over blogland and apparently, the Rust-oleum $4 version is one of the very best out there. {or...more