I am a Blogher Newbie

Why Being  Blogher Newbie is a Good Thing...more
@BCauseISdSo I know! We are so boring to to them!more

A Preschool Mom's Day

Your toughest gift to buy this year – Father and Father-In-Law…12 Days of Shopping, Day 4

Personally, I think men are really hard to buy for and by the amount of visits this post got last year, I am not alone. My default gifts – scarves, gloves, or a nice sweater – just don’t work if your recipient lives in Florida most of the year. So I have to get creative. Luckily I had a brainstorm session with Pragmatic Mom. What did we come up with? Well, there is the ever-popular sports themed gifts. Golf, tennis, any sport that your father or father-in-law might love....more

Win an inspirational t-shirt from a cool company...and do good at the same time

Does yoga make me mellow? Umm, Yeah, good luck with that. Actually, I do love yoga and can be quiet if I try (really, really try). I also walk, run and occasionally consider doing ab workouts (not because I don't need them, I do, I just do not care for them). One day one of my walking friends had on the cutest t-shirt, not only did I like the message on the front (CALM)  but on the acronym on the back (you know I love acronyms) was Creative, Abundant, Loving, Mindful. Exactly what I need!...more

A tidy not-so-little-giveaway from Tidy Books and Capability : Mom

By Capability, on April 18th, 2011 Once upon a time there was a pretty little house. One day a family moved into the pretty house and brought with them all types of things, including toys and books for the small children of the family. The pretty little house grew crowded and a wee bit untidy....more

Families First, Second and Third

Sometimes you just know something is going to be good, maybe a friend has recommended it or you can tell when you walk in to a place and you just know....more

Hiroshima in the Morning - A book review

I  just finished reading a beautifully written book that I received as part of a blog book review tour from Feminist Press. Did you know that some younger women do not like to be called feminists? What is up with that? But I digress....more

Great Give-away for dog owners

Great Pretzels from Kim & Scott - A sweet company that gives back and bakes great treats!

A while ago I was approached by this company to try their pretzels – what fun! They were super and sent a huge box of a variety of their pretzels....more

Wine and Chocolate - A Perfect Pair

You know that line from Jerry Maguire “You had me at hello” (pre-couch jumping days for Tom Cruise)?...more