Coming of age in a rape culture

I am departing from my usual posting style to dive into the fray of all women.I will give three examples from my own life to demonstrate what girls and women deal with.1. I spend most of my 8th grade English class being harassed by a boy who, thanks to the luck of the alphabet, sat next to me in the back of the room. Pretty much every day, he would show me his penis, try to get me to touch it, rub his foot on my butt, tell me the state of his erection, and tell me he was going to follow me and rape me. All year....more
thank you so much for sharing your story and breaking the silence.  this reality sickens me and ...more

Gen Xers and Vax Choices

Vaccination compliance has been in the news recently. Whooping cough is showing up in places, kids are getting measles, stuff we thought were ancient illnesses and popping up again. Now there is concern about super-illnesses....more

(It's) GRIM-DJ Handy Manny

Today I look at Handy Manny  Photo Credit: Disney, Jr.  ...more

(It's) GRIM-DJ The Octonauts

Hello blog readers, It has occurred to me that this will probably take a year or longer to parse out. So, I have shortened the name and will focus on one or two shows per post. I will shoot for one post per week, and more when I can swing it. I have shortened the name to (It's) GRIM-which stands for Gender Representation in the Media. It is fitting because so far the results are grim, indeed. DJ stands for Disney Junior. So, today I will look at The Octonauts. ...more

Staying home versus opting out, and the role of social class

I ran into a lengthy article about the pitfalls of the stay-at-home career. The author stayed home with her 2 kids, trading her journalism career for freelance work. Now divorced with kids nearing college age, she is broke and trying to get her career back on track, with little success. Meanwhile, her ex-husband, who is also a journalist, is experiencing great levels of success at his career. ...more

Gender representation in preschool TV-Disney Junior, Part 1

I found myself thinking about gender representations in children's programming today. I was looking at the WalMart toys page. And there was Dora, listed under "girls." Picture: Mega Bloks ...more

Are good intentions enough? The gendered toy edition

Have you see this GoldieBlox commercial?  My first reaction to this was that it is a cool idea, and the commercial is cool....more