The Tantrum of All Tantrums

The “terrible twos” suck. And with respect to my now 3 year-old – they really did “BIG TIME!”  However, I (we) survived. Now, at 3, the tantrums, while much less frequent are 100-fold more disturbing and disruptive to anyone within a mile (or two) radius. On Monday, C (now 2), A (now 3) and myself (age not disclosed) went in for our 6 month dental exams. We had a bit of a rough start to the journey. It is winter and A refused to wear a coat. In retrospect I should have known that something was looming. ...more

My Friend Josephine

gabriela @ caramel&cocoaI met Josephine just over three months ago. Friends now, I drop in on her weekly for a bit of chat and gossip. I enjoy our visits tremendously, so much that a thoughtful sadness tends to overcome me each time I walk away from her front door. I find her seemingly “normal life” (whatever that means) to be captivating but distant in a way that makes me want to know more about her.   ...more

I Don't Discuss Politics. I Bake Cookies Instead.

We are just over two weeks from the Presidential election and the country is shrouded in red, white and blue as the autumnal winds romantically hiss to the tune of “The Star Spangled Banner.”  I wish I could say that it is therefore a time when people from all walks of life, across a vast geographical area, hold hands and unite in solidarity to delve deeply into and debate thoughtfully the intricacies of policy, economics, society, technology, sustainability and education with the sophisticated goal of respectfully electing the next President of the United States of America....more

Advice On Life For My Daughters ...

My daughters recently celebrated their second and third birthdays. It is only now that I am understanding that they are “people” (like me) living in this complex world trying to figure out exactly how they fit in (like me). What is happening to them now, I have already lived through and those experiences that shaped me and filled me with questions and emotions are doing the same to them....more

Having Kids Too Close Together

Api and I spent about an hour chatting today about her various interests, sharing a bagel and a bit of juice. I had peppermint tea but that is a minor detail. She wanted to play with my hands. I let her. Towards the end of our hour together I was overcome with a bit of sadness. Had Cristina not been unwell and sleeping out of schedule, we would not have had that hour together. ...more
As a note: All of parenting is a haze. And if you had waited longer, someone would have had ...more