How to Make a Cheap Spooky Halloween Wreath

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A Festive Fall Wreath

Hello Everyone:  Rains have arrived, along with the chilly mornings and warm afternoons. ...more

A Simple Pasta Recipe

Hello Everyone! Today I bring to you an easy and delicious recipe! I can guarantee you this pasta salad will be a hit with your family or at your next gathering!  ...more

A Special Letter to My Son

On September 29th, my oldest child and only son turned 9 years old.  We can't deny that time does fly by! Because he is getting older, we decided to do something different, give him something more meaningful as a gift.  We wrote him a special letter. A letter expressing our love for him and how very proud we are of all his accomplishments.   ...more

Back To SchooL: How To Prepare Them

Hello Everyone!! Summer vacation is over for some of our little ones, but others have a few weeks left before their school year begins....more

How to Help Your Kids Study

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Princess Truly 3rd Book is Available now!

Hello Everyone!On August 3, 2015 we shared some amazing news from our friend and Children's Book Author, Kelly Greenawalt on our Blog.To read our August 3rd Post click on this link:  Latest News of Princess Truly's New Book....more

60 Years together-A Diamond Celebration

Hello Everyone!July 23rd was a very special day for our parents. Well, actually these two amazing people are my "In-Laws". Mom and Dad recently celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary!What a milestone! What a legacy!I come from a broken marriage.  I come from a place where words of love or encouragement were never spoken.  A hug was awkwardly given and loneliness was often found. ...more


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Book Review: The Hair Commandments

Hello Readers!I have a new book review for all of you!The Hair Commandments by Latoya Johnson-Rainey and C. Nathaniel Brown. This book was recently released and I was giving the opportunity to review it and share my honest opinion with every single one of you!...more