Black History Month: Fighting Quietly

 Hello Readers:In the wake of Black History Month, it is not only important that we discuss the prominent African Americans but also the “unknown’ African Americans that have helped paved the way for others to succeed today, like Retired Lieutenant John White who was one of the first black Police Officers on the Savannah Police Department.  ...more
This was an interesting piece.  Thanks for sharing.more

Gore-Geous Monster High Mega Block Set

Hello Everyone!!     A new year has started and like every Christmas, our kids receive a few gifts from their Aunts, Uncles and cousins.  This Christmas our daughter received lots of "Shopkins" and "Monster High" dolls and related items.       While my sister in law, Rhonda indulged our little princess with the newest Monster High Dolls from the Boo York, Boo York line.  Aunt Patricia gifted our kids with a "Toys R Us" gift card.  ...more

A 30 Minute Meal: Spicy Peanut Noodles

WELCOME BACK EVERYONE!!    Christmas is over and we find ourselves with a refrigerator full of "leftovers"!  Thankfully, we have a large freezer and decided to freeze half of our baked ham. mashed potatoes and collard greens.   ...more

DIY- Snow Globes

Hello Everyone!!!       The big day is almost here and my little ones at getting a little wrestles.  Due to unfavorable weather, they have not been able to go outside and play and boredom is starting to set in. ...more

DIY- Christmas Theme Shirt

Hello Everyone!!      This week is almost over and we continue to prepare for Grandmother and Papa's arrival.  They will spending time with us during the kids' winter break! ...more

How to Make a Cheap Spooky Halloween Wreath

Hello everyone and welcome back!! ...more

A Festive Fall Wreath

Hello Everyone:  Rains have arrived, along with the chilly mornings and warm afternoons. ...more

A Simple Pasta Recipe

Hello Everyone! Today I bring to you an easy and delicious recipe! I can guarantee you this pasta salad will be a hit with your family or at your next gathering!  ...more

A Special Letter to My Son

On September 29th, my oldest child and only son turned 9 years old.  We can't deny that time does fly by! Because he is getting older, we decided to do something different, give him something more meaningful as a gift.  We wrote him a special letter. A letter expressing our love for him and how very proud we are of all his accomplishments.   ...more

Back To SchooL: How To Prepare Them

Hello Everyone!! Summer vacation is over for some of our little ones, but others have a few weeks left before their school year begins....more