Talking to Yourself- Are you saying the right things?

When you live alone like I do, sometimes there is no one to talk to except your cat.  My cat is a genius, and she knows me like a book, but she isn’t always interested in listening to me when I need a conversation. So I talk to myself.  And it’s not all sunshine and lollypops! No censorship here!  I call myself names.  Horrible names!  “Stupid” is high on the list, with “Dumb Ass” coming in a close second, followed by “Ugly”, “Gross” and on and on....more

A New Day For Fat Girls-Dreaming

I dreamed about my first blog "A New Day for Fat Girls" last night. It was a happy dream, full of positive vibes. I awoke feeling pretty good, which is a significant improvement over the last few months. Writing that blog made me feel 20 pounds lighter, because of the enormous "swoosh"  of relief that I felt immediately after posting it. Could it be that I want to dream again? ...more

A New Day For Fat Girls

   When I was in my 30's, I received an anonymous letter in the mail. Inside the envelope was a photo of me, cut from the newspaper. It was a publicity shot for a play that I was in. Attached was a note: "run, do not walk, to your nearest Weight Watchers". There was no signature. It would be hard to describe how devastated I was by this one comment....more