Free Kitty & Teddy Digital Stamp

For all you kitty lovers!...more

Best Card Making Personality!

Card Making ArtistsMy Featured artist Dana Joy is such a fun and inspirational card making artist.  I love her vibrant personality.  She is always learning new things and finding new ways to create her cards.  She has various card making videos here and she is involved in a bunch of different design teams.  I love that she is taking a watercolor class and busy with so many different card making techniques and products....more

Mother's Day Idea

 Above are some examples of the “Kitty and Kitten” digital stamps used different ways for card making.  My favorite is the card with the lace and peach paper.  My Mother-In-Law gave me some of her old vintage lace to use in card making. Lucky ME!! This kitty and kitten digital stamp is a versatile image for Mother’s Day or friends or sisters. The image kind of reminds me of my little Sissy and I....more

Digital Stamps Suck?

That's so mean!  Some people are upset that we even say the words digital and stamping together. I'm a professional artist and, dare I say it, I illustrate digital stamps....more

How To Be A Successful Card Maker

I was really excited when Erin Taylor agreed to be one of my featured artists.  She has an amazing clean style that I love and admire....more

Kitty Rabbit!

   Card Making ArtistsMy favorite is the cut out kitty on the left, with the bird on his head instead of on the basket.  These are cats dressed as rabbits or bunnies.  Special for Easter! See the pin on his cotton tail?...more

Why Is This Mouse Korean?

Here are the steps for making the mouse card: Sketch the mouse with pencil on your map. I used a map of Korea for this mouse.Ink in the final sketch with permanent ink.Use acrylic paints and iridescent acrylics to add touches of color. I make sure to keep the paint see through so you can still see the map.Use an exacto knife to cut out the little mouse.The card stock is Stampin’ Up! I really like the embossing folder that was used on the brown paper. It looks like wood.Attach your mouse to the card stock. Add the little finger and whiskers with pen.Done!...more

Thank You Cards - The Right Thing To Do

   I just asked my son, “Would you like to get a thank you card from someone if you gave them a gift or did something nice for them?” He looks at me, big eyes, “Nope…wouldn’t care.”  ...more

Jay The Crafting Cyclone

Sooooooo we start in on the first card and…….she beat us all! She was a whirling cyclone of card making fury! I told her to slow down.  Nope, she got the hang of it and was able to speed up.  ...more

Handmade Cards Purposeful?

  I’m the kind of person who really needs to work with purpose.  I like to have a reason to create art.  I know that being an artist I should try to create for the sake of the journey, experience, practice and sheer pleasure. However, I do not work well under those circumstances. Isn’t that terrible?...more