Often, when I shop at Target, I struggle to find a cart that’s not tarnished with someone’s trash and whose wheels don’t bump loudly along in the store.And, so it feels sometimes in the struggle to stay positive.Our cart in life can fill up so quickly with trash—the self-doubt, the worry, the anxiety. Will this work out? Will bad luck become good luck? Will life ever feel normal? Will I have time to live the life I want?...more


Some days, you may want to scream to the world (or perhaps to just a few inhabitants of your world):“See!! Do you SEE!! what my life has become? Do you see?”Because all you can see are doors that close, people who leave and luck that brings bad. You’re drowning in your life.What if you could look beyond the sea of despair to the ocean of opportunities? What if you could see beyond what’s not working and into all that’s possible?...more


When we’re children, we sing all the time. We sing songs to learn, to express ourselves, to connect with others.And, then somehow, as adults, we seem to stop our songs.Sometimes we stop singing out of embarrassment that others may hear our imperfect key. Other times we stop singing because we decide the song can do without our voice. Many times we stop singing because we decide a tough time is no time for a song.When we don’t sing, we unknowingly send a message that the world can do without song....more

The Nine Miracle Steps

On Saturday, on Your Caregiving Journey, I shared the nine steps which I believe lead to more miracles in our lives. (You can listen to the show here.) In developing the list, I thought about a time in my life when miracles seemed elusive and then a time when they seemed to multiple. I wondered, What’s the difference between the two times? Well, me, of course....more

15 Wishes

Fifteen years ago today, I sat in the corner of my bedroom in my parents’ house and bought the domain name, Caregiving.com. (You can read more about the story of Caregiving.com here .)In honor of Caregiving.com’s 15th anniversary, I’m sending you 15 wishes:1. I wish you love in your heart for your life, even when it seems this life can’t possibly be yours.2. I wish you forgiveness in your heart for your life, which might be neither what you wanted or expected....more


I love to watch The Real Housewives of… Well, any city, state or county. New York City, New Jersey, Orange County, Beverly Hills, Atlanta. I’m there. And, I love the spin-off, Bethenny Ever After. (I even emailed Bethenny to invite her to be a guest on the talk show to discuss forgiveness.)The reality of their lives fascinates. They live in beautiful homes, they eat out a lot (and don’t gain weight), they attend parties on school nights, they bicker constantly with each other and then meet the next day for shopping and lunch....more


You’ll have those days when you want to throw up your hands, scream “I’m Done,” and then just walk out the door, never to return. You’re done with caregiving. It could be that the day just became too much of not enough going well. It could be that the day included unhelpful comments from unsupportive family members. Or, it could be that you couldn’t get out and, wow!, did you want to get out. Or, you just had no idea what to do for your caree....more

Weekly Comfort: Next Time

We can be so generous in the chances we give to others. We are quick to help a friend feel better who at times can’t be as supportive as we’d like, to extend a good wish to someone who took a bad day out on us, to accept a hug from someone who may have hurt us. The ability to accept another’s imperfections speaks so well of us. We can give another another chance. Why, then, do we hesitate to be as accepting of our own imperfections? Why do we withhold another chance from ourselves?...more

Ten Life Lessons Learned from Family Caregivers

Last month, I led Caregiving.com's monthly webinar for professionals working with family caregivers. In the webinar, I shared the ten life lessons I learned from working with family caregivers. (If you’d like to listen to the webinar, go here.) I thought you’d enjoy them, too. The life lessons I’ve learned from family caregivers follow:...more

Ugh! A Diagnosis. Now, What?

About six years ago, my dad was diagnosed with bladder cancer. We knew something was wrong prior to the diagnosis. He and my mom returned home early from a vacation because of blood in my dad’s urine. My dad loves to travel and loves to vacation. But, he was desperate to get home. That’s when we knew he knew something was really wrong. My dad had tests. Then he had an appointment to learn the results of the test. I went with my folks to the appointment to hear the news. I took notes and asked questions. I just let my parents hear the news....more

When I was 17 I found out I had thyroid cancer, it was a shock because I was always healthy and ...more