Life With Expenses

There is a vacation planned for next summer. It was planned by someone else, and, for awhile, I was dead set against going. I would still rather not go but, knowing Caleb the way that I do, he will enjoy visiting with the other people who will be present. He will be really happy, so I can endure for the week this is happening -- if we can still afford to go. I think that it should be doable. We have enough money in savings to make it happen, but… I’m finding out that having a child on the autism spectrum can get expensive!...more

Life After Diagnosis: How Will My Son Fit Into the World?

This time last week, I still felt a little jubilant -- maybe even a bit victorious. My son had just been diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum. As the psychologist spoke, I saw how all of the behavioral issues we'd faced made sense. It made me feel hopeful: Now that there was a name to all of this, I could do some reading. I could research. I could figure out how best to relate to my son and help him succeed in school, life, and everything. ...more
WandaLeeI've been thinking about how people tend to define things, or want to define things. We ...more