Five on Friday #1

Hello, party people! I know, I’m constantly changing the meme on Friday. There are just so many options, you know. Plus, given some of the news that I’ll be sharing I’m not sure how long things will stay the same for me. Or how long they won’t. But it’s not because I’m a quitter. You’ll see.. And finally there is so much to share that I’m hoping that I can get some of my favorites in one quick post.. ...more

Dial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap Review & #Giveaway

I truly love being a Purex Insider. Did you know that being a Purex Insider doesn’t just get you exposure to lots and lots of Purex but also to other great products. Like this new Dial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap. Oh, gosh, it is so wonderful. ...more

Weight Loss Interview: Patti of Heavy Girl to Healthy Girl

Over the weekend I go through my in-box to find interviews to post. Even though I read the interviews when they first come in, I try to be fair regarding timing and such so that someone isn’t waiting extra long to be featured. Of course, I give my peeps a leg up but that’s just understandable. And sometimes I come across an interview that inspires me so much that it almost brings me to tears. Welcome Patti of Heavy Girl to Healthy Girl....more

Apera Review & Giveaway

Fitness Friday came on Sunday this week. There’s talks of making it permanent. No, not really. We’re lucky I have a post at all after I fixated on the blog design again. Once I get an idea in my head, I can’t get it out until I’ve completed it or have nearly completed it. I spend way more time on design than I ever do posts and all that other blogging jazz. I’m sure you can tell by the many, many typos (not to mention the bad grammar). But I’ll make it up to you, promise. How about I tell you about Apera and then give you a giveaway? Okay, deal. ...more

Finding Your Support Team

One of the pieces of making a major lifestyle change, whether it be weight loss, fitness, or even a job change is gaining support from family and friends. I think when it comes to weight loss or, I don’t know, training for a bikini competition it’s even harder. I want support, Ineed support, I desire support....more

Running Mom: Kim Davis

I enjoy Monday’s. They are almost as good as Sunday. I love the fresh start, the new beginning. It’s a time when you can set the past behind you and look forward to the week ahead. Assuming that you packed your lunches over the weekend and don’t have to eat fast food. LOL It’s also time for a little motivation and quite often a time when I can sit back and relax and let someone else take over the blog. Like this running mom....more

Goals…What Goals?

I feel like a quitter. I start things and don’t finish them. Perhaps the name of the blog should be how to not finish things. I’m a little over four weeks away from my first half that I already paid for and I stopped training a long time ago. The furthest I’ve ever run in my life is 8 miles. Perhaps I can get in enough training between now and then to muddle my way through it but let’s be honest…I’m not going to train on the treadmill. I don’t like it. And clearly this goal is not so important to me that I just suck it up. I wonder why I even made the goal....more
Love this Carla!more

Hask Argan Oil and Keratin Hair Care Products Review

I was asked what would I wish for if I had a genie in a bottle. Hmmm…I wish I would be ready to get on stage for that bikini competition now. Well, maybe not. Would it feel as good if the work wasn’t put in? But what if the genie could just make me pretty cuz that part I don’t care about the work I’ve been putting in. Pretty with gorgeous hair. Yes, that would be good. No genie but I did get some Hask Hair Care Products to review....more

How Digital Health Changed Our Lives #digitalhealth

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Aetna Foundation.Today I’m hoping to motivate you in a different way. I’m hoping to motivate you to take charge of your health care and your loved ones if you haven’t already. And I’m going to share a very personal story. A story that is hard to tell and maybe for some hard to hear. I’ve mentioned that Jason’s disability hearing was coming up on Tuesday, now I’m going to tell you why we were even there....more

MASHup Conditioning High Intensity Workout {#Giveaway}

Welcome back to Fitness Friday, friends! Instead of a normal recap of my week in workouts, I’m going to talk about MASHup Conditioning High Intensity Workouts. You know the type of workouts where you go 15 minutes hard and you’re done with the day? Well, that’s what I’m talking about but it’s oh, so different....more