Racing for the Cure

Last February, I received the devastating news that 200,000 other Americans received last year: I had breast cancer. It was the start of a difficult time, to be sure. Treatments were long, tiring and painful. I would never wish cancer or chemotherapy on anyone. ...more

Beautiful post, Carly.

I blog about my health and disability issues regularly at ...more

Surviving Breast Cancer: My Take

October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and as one of millions of breast cancer survivors across the country, I wanted to take a few moments to share some thoughts with the BlogHer community regarding my experiences battling the disease and—more importantly—what I learned along the way. ...more

At times like these where there are actual physical challenges, women can often be seen as ...more

On the Trail in Pennsylvania

Over recent weeks, female supporters of John McCain (including myself) have been posting here at BlogHer about issues of concern to women across the country, including improving health care, helping small businesses, and reforming education. ...more

I would hope we wouldn't condemn John McCain on the basis of his wife running a successful ...more

The nitty-gritty of John McCain’s health care plan

Last week, Liz Mair of the RNC guest-posted here at BlogHer, and asked what issues would be on readers’ minds as you head to the polls in November. ...more

No American should be denied access to quality coverage simply because of a pre-existing ...more