Divine Intervention

Lately, I’ve been running less because I’ve been having a problem with my sciatic nerve causing some leg pain and foot numbness. ...more

You’re Totally Stupid If You Disagree

This is a totally serious post. ...more

Fitness Lately

Oh this blog. ...more

That Time A Total Creeper Commented on All of My Posts

So it’s been awhile since my last post. ...more

Vacation and Everything After

I’m back from vacation and it feels both really sad and really good. We had so much fun in the Dominican Republic. I’m so thankful that Tropical Storm Dorian weakened and turned north before we arrived – we had wonderful weather ....more

Weekly Workout Faves

I was definitely struggling early this week with getting a workout in. My last run was so bad and I was so nervous about going back out there and finding out that my back still hurt that I just completely avoided running (and really any working out). I finally went out on Wednesday night, after the heat broke and it was a nice manageable 81 degrees ....more

How to Turn Off the (Awesome) New Gmail Tabbed Inbox

Oh my goodness…guys… If I see one more tweet or Facebook post about how the new gmail tabbed inbox is OMG SO AWFUL, I might lose my mind. Recently, Gmail had the crazy idea that people might be tired of constantly wading through sale notices from Gap (which are borderline impossible to unsubscribe from) and Twitter retweet notices when trying to get to actual emails. Totally outrageous, right? ...more

Random Friday Fun


We Now Return You to Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

First things first… I have been completely blown away by the overwhelmingly positive response to my last post about why I’m done being part of certain group of ambassadors. Not an every day occurrence around here! I really expected the exact opposite to happen…something more like this: Angry crowds and pitchforks I have tried to reach out and thank everyone who has tweeted, commented, emailed or texted over the last week ....more

Why I’m No Longer An Ambassador

I want to preface this post with a big bold “If you’re reading this post then it’s probably not about you.” If you’re uncomfortable with probably know that it’s about a 98% chance this isn’t about you or that you’re good enough at disguising yourself online that I don’t know that this post is about you and in this specific case those two things are essentially the same. Got it? So in the words of my favorite UMD crazy sorority girl, ” tie yourself down to whatever chair you’re sitting in, because this is going to be a rough* ride.” As I mentioned about a week ago, this blog is now without ambassador logos ....more