Fit Dad Friday – Meet Eric

Rather than Fit Mama Friday this week, I’m thrilled to have my second fit dad featured on Fit Dad Friday! Eric Rayvid, the blogger behind Dirty Old Sneakers and a runner extraordinaire, is brand new to the fatherhood scene. He and his wife Denise, whom he describes as his partner in crime and the only woman crazy enough to deal with him on a daily basis, welcomed their son into the world four months ago – just four days before Eric was due to run the NYC Marathon ....more

The Quest to Lose 10 Pounds in 6 Weeks – Week One

Don’t panic! I have not lost my pregnant mind, I am not embarking on some sort of crazy weight loss regime for the last few weeks of growing this baby. Instead, I have a very personal guest post to share with you guys today and I hope you’ll give the writer lots of support and encouragement as he posts...more

What Went On in February

Despite being well and truly over the cold weather by this point, I enjoy February, probably because my birthday falls at the end of it, so I have something to look forward to! Here’s what went on in February for me. Remember I told you guys that at the beginning of the year I started weekly meal planning and shopping for the week? ...more

Fit Mama Friday – Meet Michele

Today on Fit Mama Friday, I’m featuring Michele Gonzalez, whom many of you may know as NYC Running Mama. Married to her husband Paul and a SAHM to two gorgeous boys, AJ, 4 years old and Ryan, 2 years old, Michele is a talented and dedicated runner – right now she’s training for the Boston Marathon. Being able to gut out tough training is probably helped by her past career, as a Captain in the US Army ....more

5 Reasons to do Prenatal Yoga

My love of yoga...more

Fit Mama Friday – Meet Crystal

I love it when the introduction I’m sent to one of my Fit Mama Friday featured mamas begins with, “I know this amazing woman…” That’s how an email from a friend of today’s Fit Mama Friday started and now I’m thrilled to introduce you to Crystal, mama of a 19 month old toddler son and nearly 8 months pregnant with her second (another boy!). Crystal and her husband Ryan just celebrated their three year wedding anniversary. A full-time working mama, as well as...more

For Two Fitness Review and Giveaway

There are so many elements...more

TrailHeads Ponytail Headband – game changer

I dropped the ball this winter. I think it was partially because I’m pregnant, so I questioned whether I’d really be wanting to be doing a lot of outdoor running (I will never forget last year’s polar vortex weather and let’s face it, this year hasn’t been a marked improvement). It was also thanks to a particularly expensive December…if you remember my cat saga, it turns out that paw amputation is not exactly the cheapest surgery around ....more

Fit Mama Friday – Meet Angela

The lovely Angela of Happy Fit Mama is featured today on Fit Mama Friday. As well as a blogger, writer and RRCA running coach, Angela is also a part-time...more

Running Tips – Running Through Pregnancy

Running through pregnancy is a humbling experience. It starts out easily enough. If you’re like me, you have a few short weeks of feeling totally normal, before the first trimester nausea and morning sickness begins ....more