Confess Your Unpopular Opinion

A friend posted this on Facebook, and the response was fascinating....more

Summer Ravioli

I make this a lot. And I do mean, a LOT, in the summer....more

Are You Buying Food for a Frat House?

Soooooo, yeah. Over the weekend, I lightheartedly posted on my Facebook page about my grocery trip, shared a couple of pictures, and said that sometimes, I buy fruit and veg and all kinds of ingredients to make "stuff" -...more

Blueberries and Blackberries and a Dragonfly

I decided to go pick blueberries last week. My husband asked me if I ever relax. (That's rich, coming from him ....more

Comfort Food at It's Finest

This doesn't look like much, but the story behind it is - at least to me....more


I am a fan of pick your own places. Strawberries, peas, peaches, berries, corn - if it grows, I'll probably pick it. A few weeks ago, I grabbed my 16 year old son and forced him to accompany me to the peach orchard ....more

Organize Me

I am obsessed with Home Stores lately....more

The Eyes Have It

I have needed vision correction since I was about 7 years old. I had glasses for years, but I really hated to wear them. I would take them off and lay them anywhere I could - I'd hide them, lose them, forget them ....more

Hello, It's Me

I do not even know where to begin. I don't know that I've ever taken off two weeks from this blog - and my traffic shows it - ...more

Horse Racing? For Real?

Yup, for real. We went to the Louisiana Downs and had a BLAST ....more