The 36 Questions That Lead to Love - Part The First

Well, it's kinda silly for me to even discuss this, being that I'm an old married lady, but I thought that the premise was really pretty cool....more

Guilty Pleasure - #OurProject52

Hey, it's Thursday - and I didn't forget AND I'm not late!!!! Do I win the entire Internet??? Today's theme is Guilty Pleasure ....more

Sometimes, I Think I Exist for Comedic Value

Last night, my hubby and I were invited to a dinner out. It was a nice dinner, at a restaurant we don't usually frequent, and it was with a group of really very lovely people, very kind and nice people - a group in which I really feel out of place. I'm kinda the black sheep of the group, the one who really just doesn't belong ....more

#OurProject52 - Yes, a Day Late

These prompts are supposed to go up on Thursdays. I had no idea it was Thursday until last night. The days, they all run together....more

Travel and Home and Friends and Fun and Hotel Rooms

I was away the past few days at an event - to be discussed at another time, although I did mention it on my Twitter and Facebook a bit - but the actual event is not what I want to discuss....more

Who Are You?

Ok, I'll bite. At the very least, it will give me something to try to complete - my follow through rate on stuff is abysmal. Case in point - these prompts are supposed to be done on Thursdays, but, yeah ....more

New Year's Resolution, The Friends Version

I tried this in 2013. I was gifted an enormous coffee cup - I mean, HUGE - it's a decoration, no one can drink out of it - and I had the kids help me make a memory cup. We wrote fun things that happened to us all year down on pieces of paper and folded them up and put them in the cup ....more

Memory and Remembering and Losing Yourself

In December, I read...more

A Year in Review

It's my most favorite post of the year, one that takes me forever and ever to write and I get wrapped up in reflecting exactly how I screwed up...more

So, Yeah, High Expectations and All That Jazz

I do it to myself every year, but this year was probably the worst in my memory. Starting December 1, I toss myself into a feverish holiday frenzy. I plan ....more