Five Years is a Long Time

Waaaaaaaaayyyyy back in 2010, I tore my gastrocnemius muscle on my right leg while working to earn my black belt in Muay Thai. I was doing banded sprint runs in a additional workout, and the large band was attached to the pole on the boxing ring. I ran against it and as I got to the end of the gym and lifted my leg to run backwards -...more

Love Languages, Friendship, and Getting What You Want in Life

So, yeah, let's talk about all of those things. How are they related? ARE they related? ...more

An Update of Sorts - With Pictures, Even!

It seems like I'm found over here less and less, and that's not my intent....more

Helping the "Tomorrow Me"

It's a concept that I frequently use, and yet, I didn't know the official name until I saw it mentioned yesterday on Facebook....more

Adulthood - Overrated or Underappreciated?

Sooooo, I was reading Facebook, like I do 394757383 times a day - it's the curse of working online in Social Media, your Facebook is open all the danged day and I am super ADD and distracted and one of my friends posted that she just - was giving up. She was done. She was done being an adult ....more


I have spent most of the past few days wrestling with alligators (real or imagined, only you can decide), picking my battles, and suiting up for infantry work....more


One of the very great things about my two middles (as opposed to the shorties and the biggies - I have names for the pairings of my kids, and I know that they aren't particularly accurate OR flattering, but what are you going to do with me….) attending performing arts school is the frequency of live performance to attend....more

When Last We Left Our Intrepid Blogger….

She was boarding a bus, wearing wet pants, carrying a half charged phone, a bag of pizza, a 3/4 empty coke cup, and more irritability than a tiger in the tiger pit....more