If You are Looking for Snow, We Can Help

We were slated to get snow this weekend, and boy, did we get snow. Reports vary in the area, anywhere from 8" to 11". My kids came home from school Friday with every book and workbook they own, because the teachers will send work via computer and edmodo and Skype and whatever else ....more

Changes in the New Year

Hello! Happy New Year! May 2017 be there for you, be the best year ever, and all that jazz ....more

Cheddar Sausage Muffins

I love these muffins. They are one of my favorite muffins to make, because once you brown the sausage, you literally dump everything else into a bowl, mix it all up, and dump into muffin tins. It's quick ....more

JUMPING Out of Ye Old Comfort Zone (and a recipe!)

I'm a good baker and cook. People know that when I cook for them, they won't go hungry....more

Locked Up Overnight

No, silly, I wasn't arrested....more

Memories, not just a Cats Song

Although, I really DID love that song, and sing it alllll the time, in a voice that was much, much too high for my vocal range. :) What I have been thinking about recently are the memories each of us keeps from our childhood, adolescence and early adulthood. It seems like we really only remember the highlight reel, the lowest of the lows, and not much else in between....more

Roasted Root Vegetables to Die For

When people say root vegetables, I don't usually fan girl, but this was so different. The finished product doesn't look very good, but Oh My Lanta, is it fabulous. I loved it ....more

Much Ado About Nothing

My kid had to do an essay on "I am" and it got me thinking. Who am I, and how would I answer that prompt? I'm the person who mopped the floor on her hands and knees today and decided that henceforth, no one shall enter the house at all ....more

Bodies Require Maintenance

Oh, man - who gave me a camera sooooooo early in the morning?...more

A Eulogy of Sorts

I worked a funeral this week for my church mentor, Edith. She was a fantastic, wonderful woman who worked as a sacristan, was at church every single day and for just about every single Mass, and was unfailingly cheerful, friendly, and just - overall, an amazing person....more