Should I? The Fine Line Between Caring and Gossiping...

If you saw your neighbor's 14 year old son smoking pot or taking drugs, would you tell his parents? What about if you noticed that the girl next door came home with a boy while her parents thought she was supposed to be in school? And if you noticed that an older man was hitting on your friend's minor daughter, would you say something? Years ago, this would not even require a thought process. You would tell the parents. But today, this situation changes a bit. It's a little more complicated....more

Lenten Series: Living Love

As Lent approached, I had many plans on how I was going to use these forty days for my spiritual growth.  I knew at what time I was going to go to the Ash Wednesday service and had decided on the retreat I would attend the first weekend in Lent.  I had already decided what needed spring-cleaning (Lenten Series: Spring Cleaning) and I knew where I wanted to worship (Lenten Series: A Place to Call Home).  I was geared up and ready to go on my inward journey during Lent.  Little did I know that my plan was not what was planned for me.  A higher being had als...more

Lenten Series: A Place to Call Home

The second part of the Lenten Series is now available. This week, we are talking about a place to call home. How to find a place of worship that suites you and your family. Carmen D Rivera-Gomez Isabela, Puerto Rico...more

Lenten Series: Spring-cleaning

Today I begin a blog series on Lent. I love to write about things that make us think, grow, overcome and rejoice in. Come join me on this road to improve our spiritual health during the next forty days. We'll begin the series with a little Spring Cleaning.   Carmen D Rivera-Gomez Isabela, Puerto Rico...more

My Final Plea: Do you remember?

My Final Plea: Do you remember? Monday, February 07, 2011 10:02 PM Do you remember the day we met?  I can describe it as if it were yesterday.  We met at our mutual friend's house and you couldn't keep your eyes off my legs.  The girls and I would soon be getting ready to go dancing and they invited you.  You looked straight at me and said if I was going, you would be there.  I'd waited all night for you to show up.  Just when I had given up hope, there you were standing at the entrance.  Before you noticed ...more

Is Forgiveness Always Possible?

I pride myself in being a good Catholic....more

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Written by Carmen D Rivera-Gomez  on December 27, 2010. Edited by Glenda J....more

Life Happens In Route

Life happens in route... by Carmen Dinorah written on Tuesday, August 10, 2010 at 9:47pm; posted on BlogHer on Thursday, November 11, 2010 Sitting in this airplane for the last two hours is enough to make anyone scream. The weather in route to my destination is really bad so they are holding us here until it clears up a little. It's hard when you can't really see a cloud in the sky to understand what's ahead of you....more

Sisterhood At Any Age

Reservations. Check! Pack luggage. Check! Good-bye kisses to husband and children. Check! This past weekend four women met in Miami for an all-girls weekend reunion of the Oti's Girls. They had met over twenty years ago at Don Otilio's boarding house when they went to college. Excited and frightened about entering college, being away from the protection of their parents and far away from the friends they had known until then, they had no idea that they would be forming an unbreakable bond with the women they would still call their sisters twenty years later....more

A Life Without You

 Edit A Life Without You by Carmen Dinorah written on Monday, July 26, 2010 at 10:08pm; posted on BlogHer on Thursday, November 11, 2010 I had the most amazing weekend. It has been life-changing for me. No, I didn't win the lotto or anything like that....more