Dear Heart, It's Me.

Dear Heart, Hi. It’s me. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to write. It’s not really that work has been that crazy or that there is too much going on. I’ve simply been avoiding you. There – I finally said it. I guess you’re wondering why or what you did. I wish it were easier to explain but sometimes it just hurts too much to look at you. It reminds me of those commercials about adopting a child for 30 cents a day. You want to do right by their sweet hopeful faces but it seems nothing I could give would ever be enough. ...more


I  grew up with God the Father, Maker of Heaven and Earth.  Later in life I learned about Darwin and the Big Bang.  Eventually life got complicated with a mix of free will and manifest destinies until I was no longer sure anyone was in charge, including me. ...more

Friend or Enabler?

Friends offer support, they offer hugs and the good ones will hand over the crispiest french fry.  As a woman, I have more than lucked out in the friend department.  Hopefully, I have offered as many shoulders as I have received to the women (and some men) who I call friends…but at what point is it still helping? There comes a time when, despite our best intentions, the constant words of encouragement actually begin making it easier for people to continue in the progression of an unhealthy behavior or disease.  At what point do you sim ...more


There is nothing lonelier than loving someone who doesn’t love you back.  This is the thought which pounds in her head at 3 am while slurping orangeade from a coffee mug.  The problem is that it’s a lie.  They share their days and especially their nights together in silly and intimate ways.  It’s easy, most of the time, to believe she is taking things as they come.  Life doesn’t always work on a day at a time basis, that’s the problem.  She asks herself if she ...more

Inspirational Whiplash

Inspirational Whiplash Mich commented on my last post today.  My words, my thoughts were confirmations she was waiting on from the un ...more

Ohhhhh Bama

Ooooohhh Bama September 10th, 2008 Dear Barack, ...more

Me Me Me

Ayn Rand is one of my favorite authors. I would never have picked up Fountainhead or Atlas Shrugged had it not been at the persistence of a former colleague. Rand has a cult following, is frequently credited with launching the philosophy of objectivism and has received much criticism for her portrayal of selfishness as a virtue...but I have started to agree with her. Last night over wine, a friend and I held a lengthy discussion about the search for happiness and the accusations of selfishness that result when we put ourselves first. ...more

Sacred Sexuality?

My last post called serendipity a "slut".  It's not a word I use often and then only in jest.  Still the term got me thinking about the many ways that we try to infuse spirituality into our daily lives and the ways we perpetually, even unconsciously, oppose it.  Touch is one of the ways we show love.  If Love is synonymous with God, how can sex be sin?Buddhism's precepts regarding sexuality "do not take wh ...more

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This is ...more

Getting Jacked~

Karma dictates that we send love into the world.  Even without the promise of reciprocity, I would send good will to all, even to you Mr. Lying-Thieving Mechanic. ...more