You Just Have to Have Faith

A month or so ago, I stepped outside and caught my son in the middle of the following activity: He had pulled out a large, completely-ripe onion from the garden and had planted it in the middle of the front yard where we are currently re-establishing the lawn (partially destroyed during our remodel). O to have the faith of a four-year-old again! For some reason, this really reminds me of the anecdote where St ....more

Can-Crushing Good Time

My boy is four and is absolutely fascinated with machines, devices, and tools of all sorts. Especially the kind of simple mechanisms his young mind can easily understand. So it is no wonder that he was completely, utterly taken with this contraption, mounted on the glass porch of the rental apartment where lived while our house was being remodeled ....more

Hanna Agar Photography

A few weeks ago, Hanna Agar, a New-York-City-based photographer, came out to our farm to snap our photos. Hanna’s parents are life-long friends of Jacob’s family, as she grew up in a town next door. Hanna comes to visit her family often, and it was on one of these trips that she dropped by ....more

June Cleaver 2.0

Folks, it’s been too long since my last post… but I sure needed and thoroughly enjoyed this break. Moving back into our newly-remodeled house was quite an adjustment (like all moving is with young kids), and sending my son full-time to the kindergarten as well as stepping up with my school volunteering has been yet another thing. Additionally, my husband and I have finally been able to give much-needed attention to each other (don’t flex yer imagination here too much) now that we can breathe more freely out in the country and in a larger home ....more

A Gravestone Made of Milkweed

I began writing the following a few weeks ago, just before we moved back to our house upon the completion of our remodel. Yesterday, the unthinkable happened. My beautiful dog, Olive, who had been with us since November and has shown us the kind of pet love I didn’t know existed, was killed in a hit-and-run outside our farm ....more

Among the Fields of Gold

This is our house. It sits on a hilltop, and you need to take a short driveway to get to the top. The area between the road and our front yard is a pasture ....more

The Big Remodel: Some Before and After

Well, folks. I think I may actually be done unpacking. And if I’m not, I don’t wanna know it! ...more

The Big Remodel: And Done!

And… we’re back living at our house! I am absolutely elated. No more town ....more

See You Next Week

We’ve set our moving date, so I may not be updating for the rest of this week. From now on, I’m going to have to focus on overseeing the completion of the project, shopping, sewing things for the kids’ bedrooms (including the completion of this quilt and some new curtains), moving, cleaning, and getting settled in. Expect a series of posts on every aspect of my new home after we’ve done, though! ...more

Just Cause

I can’t think of any particular commentary for these pictures here, except that I really, really enjoy taking photos of my kids: How can I not? ...more