Random New York Pictures


LATISM Conference Recap

There was so much going on at the LATISM conference that it was tough to choose the sessions to attend. I attended a few sessions that I normally wouldn't attend and I found them to be informative and I learned a lot. We all gathered for breakfast and were treated to Ballet Hispanico entertaining us ....more

LATISM Top Latina Blogger/Bloguera Retreat Recap!

I am finally back and trying to catch up on everything. When I leave home, I always seem to come back to a lot of blogging I need to do. Plus, I always come back tired ....more

The First Sign of Fall!

I walked out of the house yesterday and saw the first signs of Fall in Western North Carolina! WOO! It is so beautiful around here during Fall ....more

Carolyn at the United Nations!

As part of the LATISM Top Latina Bloggers Retreat, we visited the United Nations. Okay, I am a total political nerd so this was a huge thrill for me! I have always wanted to go to the U.N. I finally can cross that off my bucket list! ...more

I am back from NYC!

I am back and do have some pictures but I need a few days to recover! I will try and post something this week! ...more

Hello from NYC

I took this last night while in Times Square. Chicago is my favorite musical. I love New York!! ...more

Top Latina Bloggers Retreat 2013 and my Immigration Story!

Yes folks, I am headed out again! This time I am headed for New York for the week. If you remember last year, I was chosen by Latinos in Social Media (LATISM) as one of the top Latina Blogueras (Blogger) ....more

Easy Guacamole Recipe!

It's no secret that I LOVE avocados. I will eat them every which I can. My favorite way to eat them is to make guacamole ....more

The Last of our Summer Veggies

Sad. This is the last harvest of the summer. We have a few cherry tomatoes and green peppers left but everything else is over ....more