Who is John Galt?


Advice is Cheap

I'm forever reading these advice lists. "Thirty-five ideas from a ninety-year old woman." "Ten things you should never do." "How to stop being negative." I need some advice on how to remember these and put them to work. These things just don't stick in my head, even for an instant....more

Hedge Hogs


Dancing with Pigs

I have a strange admiration for politicians. I wouldn't want to be one, but they have a big task. Ever try to convince someone to do what you want, when they don't want to? Harder still is to convince someone to agree with you when they don't.One reason is that we're all averse to change. We may think we like it, but what do we do on vacations? Go to different places and look for familiar faces, foods, bed pillows just like at home on the bed. Even those are easier to accept than cnanging our fond beliefs....more

DIY Obituaries

Okay, I've started reading the obituaries. Not looking for friends or relatives, just noticing some patterns. I think they give the obit writers some fill-in-the blank forms so they cover all the bases, like age, nickname, survivors, funeral arrangements....more

Lighten Up!

Why is everyone angry? I don't watch much TV, but I do read papers and magazines. It's not just politicians. Have you read the Letters to the Editor out loud at the breakfast table? You can just picture the spittle flying as they type those letters....more

Put Money Here

A recent Smithsonian article about small towns, set me to thinking about the character of small towns. They are not all Mayberry, and most of us would go batty after a long spell there. That said, there is a quirky charm.Hernando, the nearest town to the our lake cabin, got a stop light back in the 70's. Soon there was the "Stoplight Bar and Grill," next to the "Stoplight Bait and Tackle and Live Worms." It was a matter of civic pride. "Gone Fishing" was the sign on the door of any store if the owner took the day off....more

What do you do?

When someone in your group of friends speaks out about blacks, gays, Muslims, Jews, Democrats, divorcees, nudists,  or whatever, in a derogatory manner, what do you do? Does it matter if you are at work in a friend's home, in your own home, in the speaker's home? What if they are a friend or relative, or both?...more

No Water Pistols in Florida?

You may have heard a bit about the wacky Florida "Stand Your Ground Law," that lets you shoot if you feel threatened, even if you're paranoid. This law gives you a "Get Out of Jail Free Card" before you even have an arrest or trial, much less jail time. There's another one that tops it....more

Carol's Health Care Plan

Obamacare may go down, in full or part, by the Supreme Court's ruling this summer. There doesn't appear to be a plan "B" waiting in the wings. Well, wait no longer, because here's one plan....more